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All the chess courses are prepared by Grandmasters!

Unlimited access to 300+ hours of chess videos

Full opening repertoires

Learn the full opening repertoire for White and Black that we use and play to dominate against strong opponents.

Middlegame mastery

Improve your piece co-ordination, attacking and defensive skills, and game plans during the middlegame.

Endgame mastery

Learn must-know endgame positions, ideas, and concepts that will help you to win more games without feeling bored or overwhelmed.

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Access to all video courses (+all updates!)

Watch 300+ hours of step-by-step video courses, all of which are made only by Grandmasters.

Access to all streams

Join any of our live streams to help you memorize lines and see how your study can be applied in real games.

Access to all webinars

Join our webinars, attend our interactive lessons and ask questions with the ChessMood community.

Ask questions in the Pro member forum channel

Ask questions about our courses in the Pro Members channel and get your questions answered by Grandmasters.

Access to all quizzes

Test your learning with our quizzes. Choose between different levels depending on your ability, and reinforce what you learned in the courses.

Course material PGN’s

Download all the PGN-homework files from the courses to your study so you can refer back to them at any time in the future.

Play against our GM's

Play 1-1 Simul and Blitz games against our Grandmasters during our bonus events.

Community, accountability and support

Chat with other members in our exclusive closed chat where you can support each other, hold each other accountable and celebrate your successes as they come.

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