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Rook vs Pawn

Rook vs Pawn

Course 69 episodes
(1 hour 31 min)
Creators GM Gabuzyan Hovhannes

Mastering Rook vs Pawn endgames will make you a better player in Rook Endgames, the most common ending of all time!

Here’s why:

Imagine you are playing a Rook Endgame, where you and your opponent have passed pawns.

You’re a critical junction of the game where one of you is about to give their Rook for the enemy’s passed pawn, leading to a Rook vs Pawn(or pawns) position.

Now, how do you decide who’s better — the side with the Rook or the side with the pawn?

 And you’ve to make this decision in your head, before making a move while your clock is ticking down!

For that, you’ll need to know some important concepts of Rook vs Pawn Endgames.

That’s what this course covers!

Below are some of the positions taken from the course:

Rook vs PawnRook vs PawnRook vs PawnRook vs PawnRook vs PawnRook vs PawnRook vs PawnRook vs Pawn

Most of the lessons are shorter than 2 minutes so that you’ll focus only on the most important idea. Once you finish this course, you’ll be ready to master more advanced concepts of Rook Endgames!

Let's begin!

What you'll learn

  • 3 different techniques to stop the pawn for the side with the Rook.
  • A defensive technique for the side with the pawn to keep the enemy’s King at bay and promote their passer.
  • How the Rook fares against 2 connected pawns, separated pawns, and even 3 connected passed pawns!

Lesson Plan

69 episode(s) 1 hour 31 min

Students give this course an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

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Course 69 episodes (1 hour 31 min)
Creators GM Gabuzyan Hovhannes
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