Rook vs Pawn

Dear ChessMood Family, dear friends, welcome to the course "Rook vs Pawn."

About This Course


This is a very important course, as you’ll learn not only the most important positions and the ideas in positions rook against pawn, but also, you’ll orient much easier in the rook endgames, cause often there, you’ll give your rook to opponent’s passed pawn and get a position Rook vs pawn.  

Instead of overwhelming you with hundreds of complicated theoretical positions, we'll cover only the MUST-KNOW positions and ideas.  
For doing it, with our team, we've done big research through all the theoretical books, courses and databases, so we don't miss anything important and you have fundamental knowledge in these endgames.  

All the material is divided into sections, so you can remember all the concepts very easily. 
You just have to go to the first video and start your journey in the endgame "Rook vs Pawn." 

About Coach

GM Gabuzyan Hovhannes
Name GM Gabuzyan Hovhannes
Title GrandMaster
Rating 2620

FIDE ELO: 2620

Olympic Champion under 16 (2010)

World University Champion (2016)


Hovhannes Gabuzyan became a Grandmaster at 17!

He is an Olympic Champion under 16 (2010)

He won the World University Chess Championship in 2016, Armenian Chess Championship in 2017 and joined Armenian National team.

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1 year ago
Claudio Thoux
1 year ago
Thank you very much!
Murrel Rhodes
1 year ago
An excellent course!
Jean marc LEPRETRE
1 year ago
WIM_Siranush Ghukasyan
1 year ago
Artyom Manukyan
11 months ago
Bradley Loh
9 months ago
Excellent layout, concise and not a word wasted
gnana sekar
8 months ago
i like rook vs pawns and some squares are important for the rook and if the king is controlling it, it is a draw