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Do you want to grow your chess skills but can’t afford high prices of coaches like $50/hour or $500/month?

As this price is too high for many chess enthusiasts, we’ve created PRO Members Area, where improving chess skills is easily affordable for everyone.

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1-1 Call with Grandmasters

The first steps are the most important ones. When you become a PRO Member, you'll have a 1-1 call with our Grandmasters to create a step-by-step plan of your growth.

All Video Courses

Access to all step-by-step and advanced courses, which are weekly updated by our GM team.

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All Streams

Watch our Grandmasters put into practice the openings and strategies you learn from them and implement them in your games.

events and recordings
Monthly Webinars

Your progression is of the utmost importance to us. If you have questions or need guidance, ask our Grandmaster team directly during our monthly "Ask Grandmaster Anything" webinars.

monthly training
All Recordings

Did you miss any stream or webinar? No worries, you'll have all the recordings so you can watch them anytime you want.

pgn files

You can download the PGN files of courses and look through them anytime you need to remember something.

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"pro members" channel

In this "Only Pro Members" forum channel all the discussions and topics are on a higher level, and our Grandmasters are there to answer all your questions.

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All this doesn’t cost a few hundred bucks, as you may think. Maybe you are confused, but it costs just 29$ a month!

We strongly believe, that “You should give more than you get.”

So we gave as much value as possible and minimized the price to such amount, that anyone, who really wants to grow in chess, can afford it.

Students consistently overestimate how much they can achieve in one week… but drastically underestimate how much they can achieve within a year with the right guidance and support.

Do you want to learn right from Grandmasters?
Are you ready to finally start seeing BIG improvements in your chess playing?

Everything is simple, and as always, you have a choice.

1. You can either move on and continue your usual life


2. Become a PRO Member and start realizing your chess dreams and goals with the guidance and support of our Grandmasters. (You can unsubscribe anytime you want).

$29/month - $99

Full instant access to :
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  • All Video Courses
  • All Streams
  • Monthly Webinars
  • All Recordings
  • PGN Files
  • Closed "PRO Members" Channel
  • 20% Store Discount

Success Stories

Lenner M 

Lenner M , Mexico

"Becoming a Pro member of Chessmood has exceeded my expectations. It not only gives you access to "special" features on a website, but it literally gives access to a personal trainer who cares about your goals in chess and guides you through the best way to achieve them.
Chessmood isn't an average chess website, they´re doing things differently. GM Avetik Grigoryan and all the GMs of Chessmood team are really offering their knowledge and time to all PRO Members in order to help them improve in chess."

Jay Garrison

Jay Garrison, United States

"Thank you Avetik GM Grigoryan and the entire ChessMood community! About 2 years ago I stopped progressing with my chess and actually started to slip backward. I attributed it to getting older even though I am only in my mid-40s, and just stopped playing altogether. About 6 weeks ago after talking to GM Grigoryan, I decided to give one more shot at improving my game. I registered as a PRO Member and dove into the opening repertoire. It took me a little time to adjust to the openings, as I had not played any of the suggested openings before, but now after about 3 weeks of playing, I have raised my online blitz rating over 100 points! I can't wait to see how my OTB rating improves too.
Thanks again!"

Bobby Tsang

Bobby Tsang, United Kingdom

"Since becoming a ChessMood PRO Member, I have had the honor and privilege of meeting Chess Lovers from around the world. I’ve also had the rare opportunity to play against a Grandmaster in a simul which was an exciting and enriching experience. GM Avetik as a coach has encouraged me to play more dynamic Chess. His insight and expertise have opened more doors for me in Chess than ever before. The variety of learning material keeps me interested and the opening courses are studied deeply so that you are able to face complex variations with little fuss. I’m still learning the hard way, but I can see how my thinking strategy has improved somewhat and I’m sure I will yield better results in the imminent future."

Piotr Urbanski

Piotr Urbanski, Poland

"After meeting Avetik on Facebook and talking to him for a while (which already was a big deal and honor to me- I was interacting with a Grand Master...!) I decided to give a try to the ChessMood PRO Membership. I played around for a while and quite quickly I found something that I was always looking for- a video about some good counterplay against Sicilian Defense. I've been playing chess for around 20 years already (my top blitz rating at chess.com being just above 2000) and as long as I remember I was struggling against the Sicilian.
After watching Avetik's video course about the Grand Prix attack I gave it a go at chess.com against a computer with strength around 1960. Out of 5 games, I won 5, each of them after an unstoppable attack. But winning against software is not the point here. For the first time in my life, I was actually playing chess with some long term ideas that I was aiming for and with a vision of the whole game ahead. To me, it's like discovering chess once again. The sad part is that I have a feeling that I've sort of "wasted" those 20 years cause if I had my ChessMood before I could be a proper player now. Nobody ever showed and explained the lines to me like Avetik. I'm really glad to be here and I'm certainly looking forward to more.
Thank you ChessMood Family"

Brad Pevehouse

Brad Pevehouse, United States

"Before joining ChessMood I had done my research on Chess Sites and personal internet chess instruction. I listened to what GM Grigoryan was offering and what the competition had to offer. I knew from the beginning GM Grigoryan and his ChessMood Team of Grandmasters offered a far superior Chess learning experience. Without hesitation, I joined, actually, before the official launch! I had already experienced great instruction when just a basic member of the ChessMood family. I could never know that I was in for the learning experience of a lifetime! I made the single best chess move I could ever make when I clicked the verify payment of becoming a PRO Member! In only 3 short months I have been granted access of all ChessMood video lessons and all my questions get answers directly from Grandmasters! Since I have been a ChessMood basic member, plus my time as a PRO Member, my Correspondence rating has gone up 110 points. I have maintained my standard rating playing opponents who are 300 Elo points over me! If I was playing my rating or lower I believe my Elo would go up more. I have only been a PRO Member for 3 months! At the time of this testimonial, it’s been 3 months! I can’t wait to see where I will be in 1 year or better yet, 2 years of ChessMood training.I’m letting you know I have made my best chess move when I joined the PRO Team of ChessMood and have had the experience of a lifetime.
Thanks, ChessMood Team!"

Adarsh Tripathi

Adarsh Tripathi, India

Watching ChessMood seems to be more interactive and interesting if compared to any other sites like Chess24. Explanation and variations are excellent. I remember pausing a video saying that looks like Avetik sir missed an idea but when I resumed, it turned out that he said: "Here black can also play this...". I really loved the courses, and it's also a relief to know that in any cause of doubt I can directly send a post in their forum or group and they reply quickly.

Nicolò Pasini

Nicolò Pasini, Italy

"I joined ChessMood PRO a few months ago. At first, it seemed like an amazing idea, but I thought it couldn't be an easy task to put in contact so many people of different levels and a team of GMs. Hence, I didn't set my expectations very high.
I'm happy now to realize that I was completely wrong. Thanks to the amazing work of GM Grigoryan and the whole Chessmood Team. I started an amazing chess journey by getting new ideas since day one, being able to play against many GMs and by putting my opening's work to good use. I couldn't be happier that I was wrong."

Marc Sicina

Marc Sicina, United States

Wanna get strong at chess? No, I mean really strong, fast! Be a part of the ChessMood family. Want a coach that cares? No, I mean cares about you and not your payment? Be a part of the ChessMood family. Want friends that care about your progress? Yup, be a part of the family! I am. I love it. Join today!! Period!

Bhabatosh Chowdhury

Bhabatosh Chowdhury, United States

"Never before I played a GM before, this is an experience I could not have dreamed a few weeks ago. 
Imagine you are playing a GM there is live commentary on the same game by another GM and at the end analysis of your games by multiple GMs.
Amount of involvement from GM in this forum is unheard of. 
We are enjoying a privilege just because we are enthusiastic and we happened to land here first, I consider myself very lucky on this. 
Pro membership offers 1-1 call since I paid only very little for my membership I was very skeptic, I thought it is a marketing bluff, 15 minutes meeting was scheduled promptly. 
Guess what during the conversation the GM never ever looks at the clock, he continues to answer my questions and adds his thought in different things, when the call ended it was around 40 minutes. What I felt overwhelming that these folks love what they do, they are trying to build something great but not seeing you as ATM machine.
GM being both Grandmaster and gentleman, offers every bit of help even in private chat also. 
I was motivated to improve my chess, now I have landed in a perfect ground to achieve it.
We should protect this beautiful gift and honor/respect the creators.

Matt Hammons

Matt Hammons, United States

ChessMood is an amazing community and some of the highest instructional content out there for the money. I highly recommend it. GM Avetik Grigoryan and the team do a great job of presenting information and providing the support so the student can retain it and utilize it in their own chess journey.