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Mating Matador

Mating Matador

Course 228 episodes
(5 hours 48 min)
Creators GM Avetik Grigoryan

Mastering mating patterns is the next step to get better at tactics and become a dangerous attacker.

It often bridges the gap between a strong attack against the opponent's King and victory.

So once you become better at sniffing checkmates, your attacking skills naturally improve.

Instead of just solving random puzzles and hoping for the pattern to stick, here you’ll train your vision for each mating pattern with deliberate practice! ...


Below you can see the positions from this course:

Mating MatadorMating MatadorMating MatadorMating MatadorMating MatadorMating MatadorMating MatadorMating Matador

Once you finish the course, you’ll start noticing the mating patterns much faster! 

The course is best suited for 1200-2200 players.

But if your rating is below 1200 and you love challenges, this course will certainly push your limits :)

And if your rating is higher than 2200, you’ll find many opportunities to sharpen your tactical vision.

Ready to start?

It's going to be fun  let’s go!

Note: Mating patterns go hand-in-hand with tactics. So please watch the Tactic Ninja course before starting this one.

What you'll learn

  • 30+ mating patterns, including the most important ones as well as the rarest ones.
  • Mating patterns that aren't covered in chess literature.
  • The right way to memorize mating patterns so that they stick in your head for a long time!
  • Deliberately train your eyes by solving positions on each mating pattern while having fun in the process.

Lesson Plan

228 episode(s) 5 hours 48 min

Students give this course an average of 5 out of 5 stars.

Let's go
Course 228 episodes (5 hours 48 min)
Creators GM Avetik Grigoryan
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