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BlunderProof - Raise your game through the roof!

BlunderProof - Raise your game through the roof!

Course 69 episodes
(4 hours 13 min)
Creators GM Avetik Grigoryan

Imagine playing chess without blundering…

Without those painful and heartbreaking moments, without stupid mistakes that ruin our well-played games, and without unbelievable mistakes that stop us from winning a tournament… 

And now, also imagine, how much higher your rating would be if you never blundered…
+200 points more than you have now? Maybe +300?

Sounds like a paradise, right? ...


And what if you still sometimes blunder but reduce them up to 10 times? :)
Still, your rating would be much-much higher than now! Is it really possible to reduce blunders up to 10 times? Yes! And you’ll see soon it yourself! 

A few words about the table of content. 

Step 1.
What blunder really is
Many chess players get confused and don’t know the difference between mistake and blunder.
We’ll have a clear definition, so even online chess platforms will not confuse you.

Step 2. 
Reasons behind blunders
In order to avoid blunders, at first, we should understand the reasons, why they happen.
We’ll find out all the obvious and hidden reasons behind blunders, one-by-one,

Step 3.
Practical solutions
You’ll learn what are the different practical solutions for each of them and how to play chess in hyperfocused mode, notice opponents’ threats, how to avoid impulsive moves and much more…

Step 4. 
After you’ve blundered…
Afterall, we’re humans, and we all can blunder.
How to keep the mood and keep fighting?
GM Avetik will share with you 3 detailed steps on what to do after blundering, how to recover fast and continue fighting.

Step 5.
While the course will be very interactive, in the end anyway we’ll have quizzes and tests to strengthen your knowledge and minimize the chances of blunders. 

Step 6. 
Downloadable slides and PDF
During the course, on the slide one-by-one we’ll add reasons and solutions next to each kind of blunder. There will be also many rules, and so you can remember them easily, in the attachment, you’ll be able to download the files and keep them with you. 

Step 7.
Send us a cake
If that doesn’t work, sue GM Avetik :D
And when you’ll see how much you’ve reduced your blunders, and how much you’ve raised your rating, send us a cake or write a review sharing your success story.

Good luck!

What you'll learn

  • The main reasons behind blunders
  • Solutions for preventing all of them
  • How to fully focus during the game
  • How to notice opponent’s threats
  • How to avoid impulsive moves
  • How to reduce the blunders up to 10 times?
  • 3 rules to follow in case you’ve blundered
  • And much more…

Lesson Plan

69 episode(s) 4 hours 13 min

Students give this course an average of 5 out of 5 stars.

Let's go
Course 69 episodes (4 hours 13 min)
Creators GM Avetik Grigoryan
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