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12. Philidor Defense

ChessMood Family, Welcome to the video course "Philidor Defense"

About This Course

While this is a very solid opening, in the high level tournament it happens very rarely. The reason is when white plays with the correct way, Black gets passive positions and the initiative is in White's hands. 
What's the way to play against Philidor Defense? What's the correct way?
In this course I'll teach you that :) I'll show you the best way to play against Philidor Defense, which we found as a result of a few month's analyses with our Grandmasters team.

About Coach

GM Avetik Grigoryan
Name GM Avetik Grigoryan
Title GrandMaster
Rating 2568

In 2010 Avetik won Armenian National Championship and joined their national team.

After 2 years he stopped playing chess professionally and started coaching career.
Now he is the coach and the second of more than 10 GMs, co-author of video courses "Right Mood Openings", and the author of the book "Right Mood - Right Move"  which will be published soon. 

In 2018 he founded ChessMood.  

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Franck steenbekkers
20 hours ago
In one word great..i hope soon the hanham part will be Published. Keep up the good job