16. Alekhine Defense

ChessMood Family, welcome to the Alekhine defense course!

About This Course

Alekhine defense is not very popular on the high levels and there are certain reasons why. 
In this course, GM Avetik explains the philosophy of Alekhine defense, it's idea and the downsides and then based on them, why 4.Nf3 with 5.Be2 is the strongest and the most practical way to play against Alekhine defense. 

The course will be divided into 2 parts. Main one for players rated 1500-2200 and advanced sections for 2200-2600.
In the course you'll find not only the way to play against Alekhine defense, but also many model games, so you have a better idea about your plans and how to use the advantage. 


About Coach

GM Avetik Grigoryan
Name GM Avetik Grigoryan
Title GrandMaster
Rating 2568

In 2010 Avetik won Armenian National Championship and joined their national team.

After 2 years he stopped playing chess professionally and started coaching career.
Now he is the coach and the second of more than 10 GMs, co-author of video courses "Right Mood Openings", and the author of the book "Right Mood - Right Move"  which will be published soon. 

In 2018 he founded ChessMood.  

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Devansh Shah
1 year ago
Crystal clear lines and explanation
Marcin Wrzesiński
1 year ago
Great stuff:!
Mark Wilkin
1 year ago
Thank you so much this!! Great Stuff!
WIM_Siranush Ghukasyan
10 months ago
Artyom Manukyan
9 months ago