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Defend with Honor

Defend with Honor

While it's much more interesting to attack and have the initiative in our hands, sometimes opponents will attack us and we'll need to defend. 

Many chess players don't like to defend, however, after watching this course you'll hopefully have more pleasure when you do it. 

The key is to know the main principles and Grandmaster Johan Hellsten will teach you that. 

Here are some of the positions taken from the course:

Defend with honorDefend with honorDefend with honorDefend with honorDefend with honorDefend with honorDefend with honorDefend with honor

To help you grasp the defensive concepts better, the course is divided into the following sections:

1. Mobilization
2. Defensive exchange
3. Blockade 
4. Prophylaxis 
5. The brave King
6. The escaping King
7. Sacrifices 
8. Counterattack  
9. Intermediate Moves 
10. Obstruction 
11. Deflection
12. Perpetuals
13. Counterthreats
14. Tactical Tricks
15. Accepting Sacrifices
16. The Process of Elimination

Ready to become a better defender?
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What you'll learn

  • Important defensive concepts like prophylaxis, blockade, piece mobilization.
  • How to run away with the King at the right time, when under attack.
  • How to use tactics and sacrifices to get out of a difficult position. 

Lesson Plan

144 episode(s) 9 hours 39 min

Students give this course an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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Course 144 episodes (9 hours 39 min)
Creators GM Johan Hellsten
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