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9. Countering d4 Sidelines

9. Countering d4 Sidelines

1.d4 sidelines like the London System, the Trompowsky are easy to learn, flexible, and solid. 

Additionally, many chess players today hate theory or are lazy to learn it. So they turn to such sidelines to fix their opening preparation.

Because of this, there’s a high chance you’ll face 1.d4 sidelines, whether you are an amateur or a Grandmaster!

So you need to have a sound repertoire that not only guarantees you equality as a bare minimum but also allows you to play ambitiously with the Black pieces.

With that in mind, our Grandmasters have prepared this video course. 

Below are some of the positions that could arise from this opening:

Crushing 1.d4 sidelinesCrushing 1.d4 sidelinesCrushing 1.d4 sidelinesCrushing 1.d4 sidelinesCrushing 1.d4 sidelinesCrushing 1.d4 sidelinesCrushing 1.d4 sidelinesCrushing 1.d4 sidelines

Ready to prepare against 1.d4 sidelines? Let's start!

What you'll learn

  • How to stop your opponent from playing 20-odd moves of London System on autopilot.
  • Discover how to fight for the initiative as Black within the first 10 moves, a strategy that takes many London players out of their comfort zone.
  • How to play against Trompowsky attack without memorizing too many complicated lines. 
  • The right way to counter the trendy Jobava Line where White is waiting to launch an attack on the Kingside.

Lesson Plan

47 episode(s) 2 hours 27 min

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Course 47 episodes (2 hours 27 min)
Creators GM Avetik Grigoryan
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