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7. Modern Maroczy Bind

7. Modern Maroczy Bind

The Modern Maroczy Bind is an advanced version of the standard Maroczy Bind setup. And just like its predecessor, it will help you against at least 4 different openings.

In the Modern Maroczy Bind Black delays playing Bg7. Instead, they play useful moves like ...Nf6, ...d6, and then capture on d4 with ...Nxd4, forcing White to recapture with Qxd4.  

This little change in move order alters the plans for both sides, which is what we'll cover in this course.

Below are some of the positions from the Modern Maroczy Bind:

Modern Maroczy BindModern Maroczy BindModern Maroczy BindModern Maroczy BindModern Maroczy BindModern Maroczy BindModern Maroczy BindModern Maroczy Bind

After watching this course, you’ll be well-armed to play the advanced version of Marozy Bind.

Let's begin!

What you'll learn

  • The difference between Modern Maroczy Bind and Standard Maroczy Bind.
  • How Modern Maroczy Bind solves opening problems one could face in a standard Maroczy.
  • A move-by-move repertoire for Black in this opening.
  • Model games that will show you how to practically handle this position with Black pieces.

Lesson Plan

78 episode(s) 4 hours 37 min

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Course 78 episodes (4 hours 37 min)
Creators GM Avetik Grigoryan GM Hrant Melkumyan
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