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Change your chess buddy’s life

Share the joy of learning from Grandmasters by gifting
a ChessMood membership.

Give the gift of ChessMood

I would have given anything to have ChessMood as a child…”

Brad Pevehouse

United States

What’s inside the gift?

Unlimited access to 400+ hours of GRANDMASTERS’
step-by-step courses! (value = $13,000!) 😮

  • Separated into beginners, advanced, and pro sections
  • From opening principles and basic tactics to middlegame and endgame mastery

Give 1, 3, 6, or 12 months of learning


Email or print the certificate
of your gift


Schedule your gift delivery

Help your chess buddy to become a better chess player

Choose between our four convenient gift plans


1-month plan


3-month plan


6-month plan


12-month plan
What if your chess buddy doesn’t absolutely love our courses?

To remove all the risks on your side, we offer 30-day
no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

The growing ChessMood family

5+ years
In business
Total watched hours
Raised rating


What access does the ChessMood gift plan give?

ChessMood Gift plan gives access to:
300+ hours of step-by-step comprehensive courses covering every topic one needs for exponential growth.
All the courses are created by Grandmasters! 
 All the quizzes of the courses
Downloadable PGNs & homework to deepen the knowledge from the courses


Their email address is more than enough for us to make their day with your gift 🤩

Nope. Anyone (members or not) can send a ChessMood gift 🎁
The main difference is that if you have an account, you will be able to track your gift (see when it's activated, edit your gift message, and change the delivery date).

You can pay either by card or PayPal 😉

Yes, of course! 😍 How to send a gift without a beautiful wish or message?

After choosing the gift plan, you will be taken to the information page, where you can write your wish/message.
There we have some chessy wish/message options for you 😊

Gift certificates are sent by email, so there’s no need to worry about shipping 😊
But if you want to have a printable version to put in a gift box and give in person, we have a beautifully designed gift certificate that you can print for your beloved one ♥️

The process 

  • Select the gift plan and click on the “Give a gift” button.
  • You will be taken to the information page, where you should fill in the recipient’s name, email, and gift message.
  • Then, choose whether you want the gift to be sent immediately or you want to schedule it.
  • Immediately or on your chosen delivery date, an email with the gift redemption link will be sent to the gift receiver.
  • The gift receiver can click on the orange "Activate my gift" button included in the gift notification email. This will bring them to ChessMood, where they will be asked to set up their account or log in to an existing one.
  • Once the gift is activated, they will see the “Congratulation” pop-up, which indicates that they have successfully activated their gift 🎁

The gifts can be sent immediately or at your scheduled time. You choose ☺️

By the way, if you schedule your gift, and for some reason, you want to change the delivery date, you can go to your Profile > Gifts, click on the delivery date and schedule a new date/time. 

⚠ This option is only available before the gift activation email is sent to the gift recipient.

Yes, of course! 
People love getting physical gift certificates 😍
We have designed a double-sided gift certificate, where you can write a wish/message from your heart and proudly give it to them 🧡

How to get the printable version?
After finishing the gift purchase process, go to your Profile > Gifts section, and there you will see a download icon for the PDF version of your gift certificate. Download it and find the nearest printing company to print it 😉

No worries 😎
If the gift has not been activated, you can change the recipient's email address/name/delivery date. 

🔸 To update the delivery date

  • Go to your Profile's gifts section
  • Click on the delivery date 
  • A pop-up will appear where you can update the delivery date
  • Click "Save" 

🔸 To update the email address and name, please contact us. We will do it for you 🧡 

If the gift has not been activated, you can update your message 😊

  • Go to your Profile's gifts section
  • Click "View" in the message column
  • A pop-up will appear with your message. Click "Edit" and make the changes. 
  • Click "Save" 


Go to your Profile > Gifts section.
Next to the name of your gift recipient, you will see the order status as "Active".
If the status is "Pending" that means the user hasn't activated the gift yet.


The gift plan starts when the gift recipient activates their gift 😊


They don’t! Redeem and use ChessMood gift plan at any time 😉


Yes, of course! Make happy as many people as possible 😇

First, ask the recipient to check their Spam folder.
If they find no activation email, please contact us. We will resend the email 🙂

You are lucky 🤩
We've sent you an email with the gift activation link. 

Click on the "Activate my gift" button included in the gift notification email. The link will take you to ChessMood, where you will be asked to set up your account or log in to an existing one.

Once you log in/complete your account, the gift will be activated. You will see the “Congratulation” pop-up, which indicates that you have successfully activated your gift and started your new journey with us 😍

We have a solution for you 😉
Just contact us 🧡

Please, check your Spam folder.
If you still can't find any email from us, please contact us. We will resend the email 🙂

To remove all the risks on your side, we offer 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

That's easy 😎
Contact us here.

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