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Must-Know Endgame Theory U2000

Must-Know Endgame Theory U2000

Course 149 episodes
(5 hours 38 min)
Creators GM Gabuzyan Hovhannes

“Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.”Jim Rohn

In endgames, knowing the fundamentals counts.

For instance, just by knowing the concept of opposition and the square rule, you can accurately predict the outcome of almost every King and pawn vs King endgame. 

Similarly, in Rook endgames, a few important theoretical positions and concepts make it so much easier to play this type of ending.


This course is all about building your fundamentals. It focuses on specific endgame positions and ideas you must know.

These include important positions from pawn endgames, Rook endgames, Queen vs pawn endgames, among others.

As you grasp and apply these fundamentals, you’ll get faster and more accurate at making decisions in the endgame. 

Ready to build your endgame base? 
Let’s begin!

Note: This course is aimed at players below 2000 level. It focuses only on the essential positions and concepts. To expand your knowledge and go into more depth on the specific endings, watch the courses under Step-by-step Endgame Mastery.

What you'll learn

  • The most important endgame positions you must know.
  • Defensive techniques to save theoretically drawn positions.
  • Key theoretical positions from Rook endgames like the Lucena position, Philidor position and others. 
  • Concepts like Opposition, Square rule, zugzwang and others from King and pawn endgames. 
  • Fundamentals of every endgame — Bishop ending, Bishop vs pawn, Knight ending, Knight vs pawn and others.
  • How to checkmate with the Bishop and Knight, 2 Bishops?
  • Checkmating with 2 Knights — Is it possible? How?
  • The fundamentals of Bishop vs Knight endgame.
  • Endgames with Rook vs Bishop, Rook vs Knight.
  • The basics you should know of opposite-colored Bishop endgames.
  • Queen vs Rook endgames — the winning technique, the defensive tricks and more.
  • Evaluating Queen + extra piece vs Queen endgame and much more!

Lesson Plan

149 episode(s) 5 hours 38 min

Students give this course an average of 5 out of 5 stars.

Let's go
Course 149 episodes (5 hours 38 min)
Creators GM Gabuzyan Hovhannes
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