Commented Classical Games

Dear ChessMood Family, dear friends, Welcome to the course "Commented classical games by Grandmaster".

About This Course

Do you face problems during your games, when all your pieces are in good places, but you don't know what plan to choose? 
Your opponent has a weak pawn but you don't know how to attack it? 
You can exchange the knights but you don't know whether it's good or bad? 
You solve lots of puzzles but still have problems with strategy? 
Your opponent's king is weak but you don't know how to start the attack?

This is the course, that will help you to solve all these problems! 
I'll comment on classical-strategical games played by World Champions and famous Grandmasters explaining the ideas, the plans, to help you to install in your mind lots of new useful information. Imagine you travel to Paris and you know only 3 streets. It's gonna be easy to get lost in the city, right? But what if you know 50? What about 200? Of course, you'll orient in the city easier. 
The same is in chess. The more classical-strategical games you know, the easier it's gonna be for you to orient in chess. After that, your rating has no chance to not be increased :) 

And now it's up to you, whether you'll continue struggling in chess strategy or make a decision and solve the problem. 

P.S If you are a PRO Member, in the forum, you can ask any kind of question about any of these commented games.
See you! 


About Coach

GM Avetik Grigoryan
Name GM Avetik Grigoryan
Title GrandMaster
Rating 2568

In 2010 Avetik won Armenian National Championship and joined their national team.

After 2 years he stopped playing chess professionally and started coaching career.
Now he is the coach and the second of more than 10 GMs, co-author of video courses "Right Mood Openings", and the author of the book "Right Mood - Right Move"  which will be published soon. 

In 2018 he founded ChessMood.  

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Brad Pevehouse
2 years ago
Nice example how to kill a piece by blocking it and usage of Rooks to win the game.
ARNAV maheshwari
2 years ago
super must watch thanks
Hardik Mehta
2 years ago
Daily Commented games are Superr !! It will be more helpful if at the end of the videos you can highlight the important points which we should learn from games . Thanks !!
Martin Wittke
2 years ago
Gabriel Lin
2 years ago
Marc Sicina
1 year ago
Most GM's don't care about their pupils and don't know how and what to teach. Here at chess Mood you get 1 a family of chess players that care! From GM's to ameteurs, they all care about your improvement! 2. A repertoire appropriate till one is a Master or 1 percent of ALL chess players and even when master you can use these lines!! 3. Classic games with a point to teach 4. A GM who knows how to teach and is available!!!! 5. Tournaments!! Is this for real all this for a monthly membership??? Yes. I experienced it!! Final selling point. Do you like coffee? Pay 5 bucks for your mocha, Java chip, 2 pump vanilla wing ding of a drink? So for less than your money you just spent on your drink you can have a MONuMENTAL improvement in your chess! Sign up and have fun!!!!!
Sriram M
1 year ago
The appreciation for the games(classics) definitely increases when watching analysis by a GM. Would appreciate important patterns that need to be remembered through the games been marked in some way.
Abhi yadav
1 year ago
Finally finished watching course one time and grasped a lot positional and attacking concepts. Especially in case of bishop pair and how to convert winning advantage into win and more about positional play. Amazing course recommended.
Alex Terzi
1 year ago
Very useful, big respect ! You will learn a lot of important things and ideas)
Sergo Gasparov
1 year ago
Gor Avetisyan
1 year ago
Mateo Jackson
1 year ago
IM David Shahinyan
1 year ago
Supppper games!
Ovi S
1 year ago
Excellent explanations and examples of so many concepts! Thank you Avetik!
Fahad Rahman
1 year ago
this is very important course. you must learn classic games.
Giorgos Kechagias
1 year ago
Useful, interesting and very easy adaptable to all positions!
Kourosh A
1 year ago
Useful course. Much better if you could add PGN files.
Devansh Shah
1 year ago
Simply amazing
Ash Pv
1 year ago
simply excellent!!!
Captain Hook
1 year ago
great work
Ramón Jessurun
1 year ago
Best chess instructional content I have ever seen. Period.
WIM_Siranush Ghukasyan
11 months ago
Sergio Carrera
11 months ago
Paul Kovacevic
10 months ago
Nick Doody
9 months ago
Loving this course. Every game I come away feeling like a have a slightly deeper understanding of how to play certain positions. I've been reading chess books for decades, but already, just 6 games into the course, I feel like I've had good, practical advice that I haven't seen elsewhere. Big thanks to GM Avetik!
Meeth Shah
9 months ago
Artyom Manukyan
9 months ago
Pratham Lohakare
8 months ago
Akshat kalantry
7 months ago
Samir salah
7 months ago
j' adore c'est très pro !!
Sharan Sridhar
7 months ago
Felipe de A. Mello Pereira
6 months ago
Sidharth Sreekumar
5 months ago
Best Classical Games Course
Adam Musson
5 months ago
This course is second to none! So much good stuff and many ideas very well explained. The PGN file makes it easy to revise them from time to time and play through the games a second and third time. It is really thoughtful having diagrams of the critical positions to remember in the files but I also try and put myself in the GM position as if it is my game and see what I would play on other moves - once out of the opening. Wherever there is a difference between my move and the game, there is a new learning opportunity and I can feel real improvement happening in those moments. Thank you so much GM Avetik for the time and effort you put into commenting and selecting the games - studying them is a real pleasure and all are very instructive. It is going to be a sad day when I finish the course. Awesome!
Moemedi Machobane
5 months ago
Great work!!
2 months ago