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Bishop vs Pawn

Bishop vs Pawn

In many endgames, having an extra piece can mean the position is easily winning. But in Bishop endgames, you could find some exceptions.

Sometimes having an extra pawn and an extra Bishop isn’t sufficient for a win. How do you know which positions are winning and which aren’t as well as the appropriate technique to use in each scenario?

That’s what this course covers.

Below are some positions taken from the course:

Bishop vs PawnBishop vs PawnBishop vs PawnBishop vs PawnBishop vs PawnBishop vs PawnBishop vs PawnBishop vs Pawn

By grasping the material of this course, you’ll be better prepared to master the more advanced – Bishop Endgames!

Let's dive in!

What you'll learn

  • The positions that are drawn even where one side has an extra Bishop.
  • How a Bishop can stop 2 or 3 connected passed pawns with relative ease.
  • The type of pawns that can overpower a Bishop.

Lesson Plan

74 episode(s) 1 hour 39 min

Students give this course an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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Course 74 episodes (1 hour 39 min)
Creators GM Gabuzyan Hovhannes
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