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Help others and earn money by referring people to ChessMood!

If you're interested in unlocking our courses, earning a side-income, and helping others to improve their chess, then you may benefit from promoting ChessMood as an affiliate.


Get started in 3 simple steps

Become an affiliate

Click here and apply to become an affiliate partner in under 5 minutes

Promote ChessMood

Once accepted, we’ll provide you with a link. Anytime someone signs up and joins ChessMood, we’ll track it.

Get paid for every new member

You receive $50 one-time or 20% in recurring commissions when someone subscribes to any paid plan through your link. And for every basic signup, you receive 1000 MoodCoins.

Not already a ChessMood member? Apply to become an affiliate today!

How can I promote my link to get ChessMood signups?

There are endless ways to promote ChessMood and it’s up to you how you decide to share your link, but here are a few specific ideas to consider:


Do you know friends, family, or chess club members that might be interested in improving their chess skills?

You could message them about how ChessMood can help them to raise their rating.


Do you create content like chess videos or articles?

You could explain to your audience what ChessMood is all about and include your link within your content and/or video description.


Do you belong to an online Chess community like a forum or Facebook group?

You could create valuable posts sharing what ChessMood has taught you along with your link (if you share your link within groups or forums, do check this is allowed first!)


Is it possible to make a side-income by promoting Chessmood?

Anything is possible but it’s up to you!

If you attract just one paying student per day, doing this you would receive $1500/month.

By creating amazing pieces of content (videos, posts or articles) you can build an audience and a passive income. For example, even if you produce content once, people may search for it and continue to click on your links every day. What’s more, over time, as you produce more content you attract more views and more signups!

Ready to earn money by promoting ChessMood?

What now? Fill in the form below to apply to become a ChessMood affiliate. Once accepted, you’ll receive your affiliate link to start promoting ChessMood and earning affiliate commission.

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