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Endgame Roadmap

Endgame Roadmap

Course 72 episodes
(3 hours 50 min)
Creators GM Avetik Grigoryan

What to do when you don’t know what to do? ? 
This is a question that many chess lovers suffer with in the endgame phase. 

They try different theoretical endgames, books and courses, but still, often find themselves in a situation where they simply don’t know what to do. 
Is this about you too? ? 


This course isn’t on theoretical endgames. And it’s not subtle Grandmaster-level techniques. 
It’s a very unique course, which will teach you how to think in the endgames, and what you should try to achieve in different kinds of positions. 

Grandmaster Grigoryan will put a compass into your hands, so whenever you end up in the endgame, you’re never lost anymore. 

The course is made with care and love, for your growth. 
Enjoy it, and take your chess to another level. 

Best wishes,
ChessMood team

What you'll learn

  • What’s the main road that takes to the opponent’s King 

  • What’s the shortcut and when you can use it

  • Who’s the endgame superstar? (It’s not the Rook or the Queen)

  • What’s the main plan in the endgames

  • How to use weak pawns

  • How to use weak squares

  • The principles that are applied in the endgame and much more… 

Lesson Plan

72 episode(s) 3 hours 50 min

Students give this course an average of 5 out of 5 stars.

Let's go
Course 72 episodes (3 hours 50 min)
Creators GM Avetik Grigoryan
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