chess moodcoin

Get Rewards
by Helping Others

What is MoodCoin?

You can earn MoodCoin in ChessMood and spend them on buying courses
or participating in our chess events.

How can I earn MoodCoins?

There are a few ways:


Refer your friends to ChessMood, and when they register through your unique link, you’re rewarded with MoodCoins.
You can find here more information about how to generate a unique link and refer friends. Everything is simple! You win, they win!


You can earn MoodCoins by solving our daily puzzles and solving the positions we offer you after the courses.
Our mission is to help our members to grow as fast as possible, so we want to motivate you with Rewards.


We are not ChessMood community, we are ChessMood family, where our members help each other too.
You can earn MoodCoins, by answering the questions of our members in our forum. Anytime your answer gets 5 likes or 1 “super” from our instructors you earn MoodCoins.


Our Mission is to make our ChessMood Family bigger and cooler, bringing more value to Chess World.
Anytime you help us on our mission, you’ll be rewarded with MoodCoins.
You can do it by referring us to your friends and also sharing us in Social Media pages like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


We reward with MoodCoins volunteers, who want to join our support team and help us to provide our members with the best experience. We also reward anyone, who gives us good ideas on how to make ChessMood a better place for chess lovers.

How much is 1000 MoodCoins?

1000 MoodCoins = $1

How Many MoodCoins can I earn?

It’s unlimited.
You can earn as much as you want.

Here is how much you’ll earn for each action:

Referring a friend- 1000 MoodCoin

Giving answers in our forum - 1000 MoodCoin

Solving our puzzles, positions and answering the test questions - 500 MoodCoin

Volunteering and helping us - 10.000-500.000 MoodCoins

So, you can get rewards by helping others and bringing more value to chess world.