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Latvian Gambit | The Refutation

Latvian Gambit | The Refutation

Course 11 episodes
(35 min)
Creators GM Avetik Grigoryan

The Latvian Gambit (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 f5?!) is a tricky opening to face if you don’t come to the game properly prepared.

While 2...f5 is a move that weakens the Kingside, it can also help Black to activate the Rook on f8 if they castle. And as an uncommon opening it often surprises opponents into making early mistakes.

On a practical level Latvian Gambit players know there are many possible moves that White must consider when responding and that any small move inaccuracy can lead Black to have a pleasant game...


Additionally, without prior game preparation, White may spend a lot of time calculating moves leaving Black with a large time advantage in the endgame.

This Latvian Gambit course will show you a concrete and simple way to gain a big advantage for White where you don’t need to remember any long variations.

The variation we recommend in the course is a new novelty in the position that is not just easy to memorize but will give us the initiative – an important concept when fighting against gambit players that like to attack and surprise their opponents.

Below are some of the positions taken from the course:

Latvian GambitLatvian GambitLatvian GambitLatvian GambitLatvian GambitLatvian GambitLatvian GambitLatvian Gambit

Move by move we’ll show you how to refute the Latvian Gambit, the downsides of it that you can exploit, and the main tricks that Latvian Gambit players are hoping you’ll fall for.

By the end of this course, instead of fearing this gambit, you’ll be smiling at your screen as you crush anyone that dares to play it against you.

Additional reading: You may also find it useful to read our introductory article about the Latvian Gambit, which explains the history behind it and the different options that White has.

What you'll learn

  • The idea behind this gambit and why it's bad.
  • A move-by-move guide to getting an advantage against the Latvian Gambit, which is also easy to remember.
  • The tricks and traps you should be aware of in this opening.



Students give this course an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Let's go
Course 11 episodes (35 min)
Creators GM Avetik Grigoryan
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