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Rosolimo 4.Bxc6

Hello ChessMood family, this is about the Rosolimo course. The theory is absolutely fine, and  we are getting a great position out of the opening. If I am not mistaken, then in this position GM Avetik has mentioned 20.Nxc2 for black:super move. This made me a bit curious as although we are winning a pawn, black is getting doubled pawns, and then suddenly 14.Nxb3 clicked in my mind. When I checked the engine, it also shows 20.Nxb3:-0.84  (depth 27),(at higher dept it shows -1) but  20.Nxc2: -0.04 (depth 27). There is a difference in the evalutation and I think Nxb3 should be played. This was my opinion.


Mann, unless you are looking for IM GM norms it makes no sense to analyze so deep with the engine.

Gukesh did not use any engine until he was 2500 and that is one of the reasons why he is so strong.

Focus on the basics and you will improve much faster…  Be effective in your training… 😀


I have many questions about preparations for tournaments.


1- What should I do before tournaments

2- How to handle the pressure of time control 

3- What's the suitable way to review the preparations 


Hi Ramez,


I would suggest that you start here:


Opposition in Chess Endgames.

In general sense, we have understood opposition as when the kings are in front of each other having a distance of 1,3,5 squares, but I recently saw a video on opposition by Karsten Muller, where he explains some other definition. For more information check of this youtube video.


Thanks Mann,

In our endgames courses we also speak about this of course, did you check them?

In the section U-2000 and the advanced section we also talk about the different types of opposition. 


For people who play during afternoon hours, how do you play?

In about 2 weeks, i'm gonna be at my 11th grade class, and the schedule is around 6am - 2pm. How should i play on these times? I'm worried after classes, i can't play since my body and mind would be tired. My schedule used to be waking up at 8 am, play a game at 10 am then head at around 12:00.


Just play when you want to play and you feel it. Avetik talked about this on the blog if you recall it.

No need to play if you are tired, don-t you think so?

overview questions by variation

Hello, I have a question regarding the Scotch (the line with 8. h4 a5 9. c4 Ba6 10. g3 g6 11. h5 Bg7 12. f4 f6). 


My question may already be asked by someone else, is there an overview where I can find possible answers? If I earch for “Scotch”, I find many dozen questions, in no specific order.


However, my question is: instead of answering 13. hxg6 with … hxg6, it would be my first intention to play … fxe5 and rip the center open (or even … 0-0-0). The black king will be relatively safe after 0-0-0, but where will white hide his king? The engine confirms, that 13. … fxe5 ist the better choice. How to answer it? 14. gxh7 wins a pawn, but after 14. … 0-0-0 I would prefer the black pieces a lot. 


Daily Lessons with a GM

Hello ChessMood family, this course in finally working for me as previously it wasn't. I was having a suggestion for this course. If possible, can you provide us the pgn of the positions covered in this course. I know its quite late and will be quite difficult to do so, but if possible can you make it? Thank you.


Hi Mann,

This course since there are many random positions we do not provide the pgn. 

Still if you want to anaylyze a position of the videos, we recommend for you to install the extension Chess Position Scanner in your Browser, it is free and you can convert any position into pgn to analyze it at the moment or paste it in another software.

It is the fastest way to check anything, but we also recommend you to stay away from the engines as much as possible and think for yourself as much as you can…

The best games of April, 2024, and the prizes

Hello ChessMood family, hello champions and future champions! 
Welcome to the "Best games of April, 2024" competition.
Under this post, we invite you to post the best games that you will play this month. 

The Prize fund is 350K MoodCoins which is equal to 350$.  

The 1st prize  - 150K
The 2nd prize - 100K
The 3rd prize-  50K
The 4th prize- 30k
The 5th prize- 20k

Good luck with your games and keep the Right Mood! 
#Right Mood - Right Move 

P. S.
Here are the winners of March, 2024:

Zaid Al-JAY
Roy Li
Marius Cornee
Joseph Zaffarese


cm caro kann, with the advanced idea of 7.Na3 instead of taking the queen on b6:

I watched some of the SLP course, and it definitely helped me salvage a draw under time pressure here:

Winning with the Dutch Attack! Although I didn't find any tactical blow I found an interesting middlegame plan and had a nice positional play until the end!

winning with the scotch game!!!

Cm acc. Dragon, with a scd queen:

brutal French Attack where white exchanges the light squared bishop. No castling per Avi’s recommendation 

a caro kann, when black does not develop the Bc8 bishop before e6:


An amazing game by me! Destroying a Caro Kann. Beautiful ideas. I also added comments to further understand in case anybody wants to view it.

Do you think my opponent reported me for this game ;)) ?

A quicker game

A difficult game


Punishing the 5. … Bxf2 bishop sacrifice in the Scotch.

White versus Sicilian 2..Nc6 line

90+30 otb

90+30 otb

90+30 otb

90+30 otb

A closed sicilian with a great attack and a nice sacrifice :

Quite an inaccurate game by me, but I was pleased that I saw the mating attack in an instant - thanks to the Mating Matador course!! 

Opponent did not play too well, but the mate in the middle of the board is funny this was my offline game where i was black


Kingside attack in Sicilian Nc6 variation.

trying out Carlsen sicilian variation

Trying out bishops opening but getting 2Ns with d4

not a chessmood opening but played really well for me
relentless attack Pieces were very happy working together lol

One of my best games where I CRUSHED my opponent.

otb 90+30

90+30 otb

90+30 otb

90+30 otb

90+30 otb

BlackMood French Attack


A flawless game in the Scandinavian

An all-in french attack with a nice queen sac to checkmate ! 

Caro Kann exchange

A brilliant game in which the opponent gave me a chance to attack and I finished him off with a brilliant rook sac

opening prep against some guy who plays 1.d4 2.c4 


some benko fun - more dopamine rush here than dutch imo😄

Good attacking game against Sicilian with Bg2 closed line.  As guided by GM Avitik in the course, if black plays e6 and a6 we need to place our Bishop in g2. 90+30 otb 

scotch game: youtube variation, watching these guys taking 3 mins for a move they didnt prepare for are the funniest thing ive seen lmao

I haven’t studied our chessmood course for playing against first move b6 so I just played off of instinct. managed to play 100% accuracy through 12 moves and my opponent resigned

My very first French after watching the Blackmood French Attack course, and against Schlecter Variation!

White played 4.c3, I replied with the recommended e5 and it turned out better than I expected!


A great attack against the carokann !  

Kramnik would call it interesting 😅: 

A recent OTB game

A game in the French attack with advance variation

brilliant middle game in the benko

A quick miniature I played OTB in a tournament in France(Classical). I played Black and have included 2 variations which i had found during the game and I thought were really beautiful. I think I deserve a prize for those alone!

25th move queen sac game :

A very tactical game that featured two rook sacrifices followed by a bishop sac to seal the deal.

Typical CM Antisicilian attack A game that starts with a mouse-slip from black😂(i played c6 instead of c5)

A not-very-usual line led to me, as black, feeling disheartened after 5.h5. But i quickly regained my composure and decided to fight for it till the end no matter what, and look where it led me to :) A fun, wild, dynamic game that is sure to keep you on your toes!

Hello, chessmood family. It would be overly presumptuous to say that this game deserves to be among the best games of the month. But I am very proud of it, since this was my first game and my first victory using the whitemood repertoire against the Caro-Kann defense. There is this guy in my chess club that always uses the Caro-Kann against my 1.e4 and always beat me unashamedly. But I feel that from now on he can start trembling in fear!! Muahahaha!

The game ended after a nice tactic (Ninja tactics forever!) combining a discovered check and a double check gaining the queen…(Pity that when I analyzed the game afterwards I saw that Black could have played …Kh7, ruining my tactics

Dear ChessMood team, I played this Grand-Prix attack in round 3 against 1786 FIDE rated player in a FIDE rated classical OTB tournament on 8th April. Thank you for bringing such an educational course for all of us.

// A brilliant attacking game with an unusual finish in the grand prix

8. h4 f6 Scotch

I destroyed a Stonewall with yet another rook sac. I'm especially proud of my timely …a5 and …e5 pawn breaks

A typical French attack!


A game in the Smith- Morra gambit declined. with a brilliant move somewhere in the end

A sketch game where black try to switch to an alapin without success and then try a cheap trap that worked :

I got resignation from my opponent as a result of a windmill.

Trouble on the h file in the Kalashnikov

Hi, friends!


A hilarious cat-and-mouse game.


attacking game

70+15 otb

An attacking masterpiece for white

An attacking tactical combination

A nice win in the French advanced

A win the French Defence KIA variation. I was Black

I was white

k😀ing side attack against the caro kann


A typical attack with the Grand Prix!

Funny checkmate in CM French

A typical French attack, advance variation. White resigned without too much fight

Managed to play a good game against strong competition in the benko gambit

A model positional game.

Hello, here I apply for the “Best Game of April” 
I played a 10 min Scotch with strong pressure on the kingside and the opponent (100 rating points more than me) was getting nervous. Mate in 19 moves. I do not get such results very often :) best regards

I played this game at the ALTO in Charlotte last weekend. My opponent was rated 2288! The time control was G/110 minutes with 10 sec increment.

French attacking game - I was black

Opponent played rubbish opening against me and he paid for it a strong attack with a brilliant Knight Sacrifice

Model Philidor defense againsy Bg4

I was possessed by the soul of the great Paul Morphy in this game! For a moment, I thought I was going to reproduce move by move his famous game at the Paris opera, but it was still faster!


My first 100% accuracy! Only 4 centipawns lost

Not bad. Trying to equalize and gain counterplay on queenside as black against a somewhat automated opening, white got an “uncomfortable” position. The errors made by white were almost “natural” with that mood.

Sorry if it didn't say the time or anything, I wanted it to be anonyous as it was a OTB game


I played as black. Is there a limit to the number of games I can post? I know in the lichess game of the month, only the first game you post will be counted as your entry.

FIRST GAME WITH FRENCH ATTACK LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))

I sacrificed my knight and rook for a crushing attack and checkmated him with a queen sacrifice                                         

Scotch game

first game with greymood openings. 

Also what do I do against bf5 when I haven't played bd3 already? 

(Move 4 of the game)



A good game with a planned 16. Nb5 after ensuring the escape king d7 square was closed. A good attacking game overall.

pretty nice end tactic which forces mate.

The games I prefer to play: a pretty positional game, no fireworks, no sudden tactics, almost without errors, with the typical monster blocker on d6 against a passed pawn and the bishop pair.


A good reply against a scandi with portuguese gambit:

A decent Dutch attack with tons of hanging pieces in the end

I think this is the most attacking game I have played in my life!

Where should we upload the games for the “Best games of the month”

good attack and the end tactic was beautiful. the position instead of capturing the hanging queen. Won with +13 material

Crushing London system with the Dutch attack! I felt comfortable from the first move, with a clear plan of what to do all the time. Thank you very much, dear CM coaches!

nice attack vs the caro kann

nice attack in the scotch with rook sac for mate Nice move Bg5

Hi, good night.

I've just finished a very beautiful - minigame.

It's about pins.

Have a great day tomorrow, May first.

A nice Otb win with white in a senior event in Montreal against a ex champion of Senegal 

i went for the knights domination over the bishops and it paid off !

Champions, how are you?

Thank you for sharing your games. We saw some really creative ideas! It brings a smile to our faces every time we see you follow the openings you learned or apply what you learned from any of the courses. Keep it going!

Now, onto the prizes:

1st Prize: Kiran Vanbrussel for playing this beautiful attacking game! 14.Nxg7, sacrificing the Knight to prevent g6, is a cool idea. It’s impressive how you punished the opponent for ignoring their development and King safety! Well done!

2nd Prize: Armandas Ledas. Alphazero would be proud of this 😊 Kh2-Rh1 is a very creative maneuver. Rf6!! and Rg6!! was the best moment, leaving your Rook hanging for 2 consecutive moves! Thank you for sharing your game along with the annotations!

3rd Prize: Regis H. You played a classy attacking game in the Advanced Caro-Kann. Being brave enough to push 19.g4 shows how well you understand the position. And 30.Ng6 was a fine finishing touch! Good job!

4th Prize: Abhiraam Devulapalli. The biggest highlight of the game has to be 16…Rg4—such a beautiful move on the board that it can be easy to miss. Also, you developed all your pieces at such a fast pace, and that made a big difference in the end! Excellent game! Well done!

5th Prize: Joseph Zaffarese. Quick development, good knowledge of the opening. It’s a joy to see 22.Nf7! and how you grabbed the initiative before wrapping up the game. Nicely done!

Congratulations to all of you.

And thank you once again everyone for sharing your games!

Good luck for the next month’s contest!

Why make may only accessible for pro members? Pro members aren't the people who need mood coins. The people who don't have pro members are the ones who need these coins. I hope you reconsider this horrible decision (whether by accident or not). Thank you

It's a crucial issue at present this best games platform is only allowed for the pro members.

However, the members who are not pro have no platform to show their patterns.

Moreover, there is no blog for us who are not GMs. If there were a blog for amateur players, we could share our feelings via our blogs.

11-5-2024 Daily puzzle answer

Dear chessmood,


I was solving today's chessmood puzzle (Study by Troitzky) and I found a different answer.

After 1.Nf4+ Ke4 2.Ne2! 

idea is that if the rook stays on the same rank then 3.Ng3+ followed by h7-h8=Q wins for white.

And if the rook stays on the same file than direct 3.h7 seems to win for white as well!


Just to find out if my answer is also correct.


I agree with you! Ne2 seems to also win.

Yes, i saw the same thing. There were two clever solutions.

These puzzles are fun.

💪Yes, sorry this may happens sometimes, we always try to avoid these double solutions problems but we miss some from occasionally. If we look at the bright side of it, it is good because then we see who is doing their homework solving the daily puzzles when you post a message asking this.   (Sorry, it was meant as a joke, hopefully you will understand it)…. 😅 What is true is that you also worked more deeply the position too.😀

What to do on Online Training?

Every night, my coach schedules a training. The problem is sometimes it's tiring, and one time, I fell asleep on my chair. How do I fix this? Thanks.


I think that you should try talking to your coach. He will know better than anyone else since he knows you. 🤔 

My first win against a titled player

Hello everyone here is my first win against a titled player.  Thank you Chessmood family for all your help and video lessons. I couldn't have done it without you!!!


Congrats. Bxf6 instead of taking the queen was a nice one!

Thanks Henry! You are definitively playing well. Last month you also got a game of the month prize if I-m not mistaken! Well done! Keep it up!!! 😁

Unironic anxiety playing against real humans

I'm posting this on a throwaway account 
Ever since a long hiatus from playing chess, i have been very, very scared to play humans and only really play against bots, which has been very bad, considering i didn't perform like this years ago, when i only played against humans. That's the short version of my story. 

It started on november

I got word from a youtuber i've been following about chessmood having a 1-month membership giveaway. Naturally, i was hyped and i instantly signed up right away. I have been reading the blogs from lichess from GM Avetik so i knew that this platform was great.
Was watching tactic ninja daily, until i discovered the simplified openings (whitemood and blackmood). My repertoire kinda needed some fixing so i decided to switch to these.

Here's where i think i went wrong.

When watching the opening courses, i told to myself that i won't play until i finish the course! This was mostly in part on how random on what openings you are gonna see during each game. One day i might be looking for against the caro and i'll get e5, something like that. So i didn't play it, but i got the files for it. 

LIfe just pushes you back, man

During January, my life went through a very steep downward hill, so that meant no chess because i need to focus on other parts of my life ASAP. Health issues, Debts and other stuff kinda factored in my long hiatus.

Until around april, I was finally able to play chess again! Sort of. The "i should not play until i get this" mentality still lingered, and i can't put myself through consistent, against human sessions. One day i might play 2 games against ppl, the other day i'll totally forget it.

The problem with bots

As i said, all i play with is bots, which isnt that bad, until they play a move for 2 seconds, even if a timer is at 30 mins. My mind feels like i'm playing a bullet game, even if i got 15 minutes on the clock. There's straight up no downtime when you play against bots. It hurts my progress and i feel like it shouldn't be like this.

How can i break free from this? Do i just hit the "play" button? or is it better to find some training partners i'm comfortable with?



Why the throwaway account?  There is no shame in asking for help with your chess (I should know, I do it all the time!)

To be honest, I was initially reluctant to play against human opponents too.  Much like you, I wanted to learn enough first to be able to play competitively.  The trouble is, as I soon came to realise, part of that learning process is to actually play games!  It is this experience that improves our board vision and allows us to develop as players.  I don't like to lose (who does?!) but it helps to think of these losses as part of my learning process.  

In fact, if you look at some of the ChessMood articles one of the recommendations is to lose 100 games as quickly as possible!  Like this one:

If I were you, I would just dive in and start playing.

What rating level are you at?  If you fancy a game against a low-level player you can find me on playing as “ShouldveStuckToPoker”.

Good luck!!

After ninja question

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I have finished the tactics course and Avetik says that if we have solved more than half of the puzzles we have to watch the videos and solve the puzzles again. 

I noticed that after each video there is a quiz with the colors changed. My question is, is it okay to get those quizzes right and skip the video except when we don't get it right. I want to do things well.


Hi Guillermo!


Of course it is fine, the goal is to make you understand the patterns, to recognize them in a game. If you do the puzzles right then it means that you understand the concept behing them. When you start to have trouble and do not find the correct solution, then you must watch the video, work on this type of tactic and make it yours! 🙂

That is the idea. Also if you do the quizz on the main page (withouth knowing the tactic type) and write the number of the puzzle that you got wrong, then at the end of the first round of puzzles, you will have lots of data to work on. Then you will analyze the missed positions and realize which type of tactics you are missing, meaning that you did not fully understand the concept.👍

There are many books on tactics, many sources, but we spent many months preparing the positions for the course, lots of debates and positions analyzed to find the best teaching value. If you manage to work well and understand the positions of this course only, you will have a very good base for speeding up your progress… 
Good luck and may the Chessmood Force Be With You! 😁

Advanced courses for French and Dutch attack?

Hello, hope everyone is doing well! Just wanted to ask, will there be advanced courses for the chessmood openings French attack and Dutch attack (stonewall) in the future? The current coverage of these is far more basic than the in depth accelerated dragon course for example. It would be great if there are plans to create advanced courses for french and Dutch attack! :)


Yes, according to the email list, there are plans to release them by this year.

Yes, this is the idea as silly cate said. Still the goal of the Whitemood and Blackmood repertoires is to have a good easy to follow repertoire to start. Then yes, we will publish an advanced one since many people just love this concept, but there is more than enough to play it and have fun… The opening is not the decisive factor in a game unless you are 2400 or more, where it is more important…


Interesting line in GP 2..d6



Hi Chessmood Team!


Recently I read a newsletter of Alex Colovic about the grand prix and he had a very interesting line against our chessmood line 

1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 d6 3.f4 Nc6 4.Nf3 
And here he recommends a6!? as a prophylaxis against Bc4 as it will be met with b5

 While if we play a4 after 4..a6 Black will respond with the powerful Bg4! and now we can't go for our trademark Bb5 line due to the pawn of a6.

Against 5.g3 black will respond with the normal g6-Bg7 setup 

The best move for white is 5.d4 but after cxd4 Nxd4 Nc6 and we have transposed to a line of najdorf (e4 c5 Nf3 d6 d4 cxd4 Nxd4 Nf6 Nc3 a6 f4 Nc6)  which is not in the courses 


 More details of the line 👇





Hi Vedant, 

We just talked about this with the team yesterday.

In this case, we cannot go with Bc4, it's better to go g3 and go for our closed Sicilian setup with Bg2. The best line for Black against the Closed Sicilian usually involves Rb8 and b5, a5. But with the line that you are suggesting we would be a tempo up since they already played a6. Of course this is not the same GP attack but we also must know this structure very good 😊 


Technical issue faced by me in a chessmood course

I am able to watch all the chessmood courses but I am not able to see the videos of ‘Daily Lessons by a GM’. If anyone can help me, I will be grateful. Thanks


Hi Mann,

Sorry for the delay in the reply. We will take a look at this and get back to you when fixed if there is an issue with your account. 

Thanks for informing us!

In the meanwhile please study some of the other courses… 😅

Hi Mann Akbari 👋

Can you please send me a screenshot so that I can look into it?
Please also tell me what browser you're using to access the videos?
Where are you located?
Do you usually have an issue playing any YouTube video?

The only difference between other courses and the daily lessons is that Daily lessons videos are coming from YouTube

Monthly Games

Madison (Loftis50)


Can you tell me how does the monthly games work. Also, set-up for sparring partner


Hi Madison!


Regarding the games of the month, you just need to post the game or games that you liked the most during that month in the following thread:

It will change every month. Then we check all the games and select the best games of the month. We announce the winners and GM Gabuzyan does a webinar explaining them to our pro members. You can see this stream or the past ones in events.

As for the sparring partner there is a thread to post your name, rating and explanations in order to find one. (Just like you did) You can also check the other people looking for a partner too and contact them directly. Also on our channel in Discord you can try finding a partner.

SAME daily puzzles???

Something felt familiar while I was answering today's (8 May 2023) daily puzzle so I went digging into the archive of daily puzzles and I was shocked to find that the exact same puzzle was posted on 21 Nov 2022. Whoever tried to pull this trick clearly forgot that chess players have a good memory!


Yeah. Sometimes when they dont have a new one they repeat. Its happened multiple times before.

Lol it happened today too!



Nevermind, you'll get free moodcoins

👍Yes, we are rotating the puzzles at the moment. You can solve them again, there is nothing wrong to remember an idea. We are working on the courses but we will update the daily puzzles in the future. Thanks for your understanding.😅

The London System is bad, right?

I've just read some articles on (written by a staff member) claiming that the “London system is the best opening in chess, blah blah blah”.

I would like some clarification: GM Avitek says the London is not ideal for chess improvement, right?


It is a system based opening where the first 10ish moves are played on autopilot. This isn’t good as they don’t think for themselves, and they reach the same positions over and over.

How do you deal with trashtalkers?

So in late march, I started a 3 day correspondence game which went pretty meh, until about move 25, after which i won an exchange and he typed in chat: “elo cheater?” and offered a draw which i refused and replied, “go report if you think” (not really the best response, looking back). I've blocked him by now and he still keeps sending me draw offers (constantly, i've been refusing them) and i think i have a winning endgame. 
In the future, please give me tips on how to deal with them😁. I'm begging you.
P.S. I'm planning to post this game on the best games of May (or april if it finishes early), should i remove his name on the pgn? or should i also post the link and his username? 🤔



just report him

Disable chat. It does mean you miss out on interesting conversations sometimes but I have had one too many people throw tantrums because they couldn't beat me. Not worth it. Too much risk of still being mad for my next game and tilting.

Interesting. I’ve played on Chesscom for over 2 years now (not counting the 6month break when I explored Lichess), and I believe I have never had someone be toxic to me. 

I would probably just ignore them. You did nothing wrong (right???) and so you can’t get in any trouble. They are just wasting their time.

One time I was playing someone otb (I will not mention who) and he kept telling me to hurry up, how awful my moves were, and saying that I wasn't playing “real” chess (Lol wut does that even mean?). Trashtalkers only trash talk bcuz they can't win without it Lol. Just report them. Don't let it bother you 😁



On or, I suggest you to report them or disable chat and tell them I've disabled chat but if it is OTB then report to the arbiter or tell your opponent that you will tell the arbiter. I've tried it before and it worked really well. 

I find a little mistake


Here, actually both Qxb7 and Ne2 is great, but if you play Nf2 website say its a mistake. Can you correct this? :)


Thank you :) 


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