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The winner of November, 2021

Hello ChessMood family!

Thank you for sharing your games. We can clearly see you implementing what you’ve been learning from the courses, especially the classics! And it makes us very happy and proud! Keep going the same way! 

Moving on to the prizes for November month’s contest -

The first prize goes to Vedant Garg for his textbook-style attacking game in the Sicilian Grand Prix setup!

The second prize goes to Wenstin for this nice attacking finish, starting with 18.Bxh7.

Michael Larsen takes the third prize for showing how to punish an opponent’s King stuck in the center.

The fourth prize goes to Ilja Haitin for his Ninja-like awareness to 29.Bd6+! and 30.f6! 4. https://www.vint.ee/en-gb/replay/12339239/

And the 5th prize goes to someone who’s shy to share their name, but brave enough to find an invisible 22.Rf5 move!

Congratulations everyone! And thank you all once again for sharing your games! 

Best of luck with the next month’s contest.

Till then, keep the right mood and keep crushing!

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Question on Pasini


I faced a line in the Pasini variation of the Modern Pirc that I have some questions about. Pasini Question (lichess.org)

The game started:

e4 g6

d4 Bg7

Nc3 d6

Be3 a6

g4 b5

Bg2 Bb7

h4 h6

g5 h5

d5 c5?!

I wasn't sure about the correct plan after c5 since this stops white's plan of Bd4, mentioned in the course. I ended up with a winning position and up material, so it worked! But I wasn't sure about white's best plan here. Thank you.

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