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Is learning chess like learning a language?

The parallels between the two have been done to death in articles, but if the process is the same thing you could take an article on learning language and apply it to learning chess.

Take this article that I got on my browser homepage:

Change speak, speak, speak to play, play, play
Change grammar to move sequences and vocabulary to learning plans and ideas
Change native speakers to players better than yourself

Now read the article in the context of improving at chess.

Note that in this week's theme tournament I felt I was playing better and being able to play more fluently under time pressure. My secret? I have been playing 3 x 15 0 games each day this week (one morning, one at lunch, one in the evening) which is the only difference.

Classical Commented Game with Woodpecker Method


Coach said in this video that we should see only one Classical Commented Game a day but as I am a Pro Member from past one year so I saw all 100 games in last one year 2 times.  So, is it not good for me to apply the Woodpecker Method on this Classical Commented Course? Like seeing 7 times whole commented video course in next 3 months?

Woodpecker method is a reputed method to grasp patterns on tactics as well as tactics so I thought to apply it in classical commented games.

What you think guys?

Here is the schedule:

Total duration is 26 hours.

First cycle:

One month duration 26 total hours.

Second Cycle:

Duration 15 days almost 2 hours a day video viewing)

Third Cycle:

Duration 7.5 days ( Almost 3.5 hrs a day video seeing)

Fourth Cycle:

Duration 4 days  ( seeing 6.5 hours a day) 

Fifth Cycle: 

Duration 2 days  Only pgn reviewing.

Sixth Cycle:

Duration 1 day and only pgn reviewing

Seventh Cycle: 

Half Day whole 100 games pgn reviewing 

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