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The winners of August, 2021

Hello champions and future champions! Hello ChessMood family!

Thank you all for sharing your games. It’s great to see you play some really strong chess! Keeping crushing the same way!

Moving on to the prizes,

The first prize goes to Jaylen Lenear for his Tal-like approach to finish the game.


The second prize goes to Vladimir Bugayev for the way he conducted a crushing attack in the Anti-Sicilian!


The third prize goes to Yuma Okabe for brilliantly handling the initiative after 11...Nxe4! and converting it into a win.


The 4th prize goes to Karl Strohmaier for this brilliant attack in the Accelerated Dragon.


The 5th prize goes to Paul Alejandro Cardones for the picturesque 16.Nce4#!


Congratulations to all of you, and thank you once again everybody for sharing your games! 

Keep crushing, and keep the #COGRO

See you soon for next month’s contest.

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ChessMood Open with $20,000 prize fund!
Dear chess friends!
I’m super excited to announce that on October 4-12 in Armenia there is going to be ChessMood Open tournament with around $20.000 prize fund.

By the way, right after it, we’re going to have “Yerevan Open” tournament (October 13-22) with a similar prize fund. So you can combine them and play two tournaments.
As there are no border problems at the moment, you can easily travel to Armenia.
Looking forward to seeing you soon and drinking something cold together :) 

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Chessmood events especially tournaments

It seems the current events need a little bit of attention. It's very well looking forward to all the new things which are coming (we are of course), but there is a lot to be said for ensuring the current features are being maintained well so interest doesn't wane.

First the Saturday theme tournament is now just a default tournament 'play first as Black'. This is getting a bit long in the tooth and without a GM playing there is little incentive to play this yet again - after all we can get hundreds of games (just with the right colours) whenever we like already. A few of the regulars are now not showing up (or their partners dragging them off to the garden centre where they will never be heard from again - at least until the credit card comes out to buy all the new things :-).

There are at least 2 or 3 good opening candidates for theme tournaments - the petroff (but given 2-3 weeks notice as it's a big course) and anti-sicilian 2nd moves - particularly 2. f4 which is very common at around the 1800 and below level, as well as 2. b4 would probably be deserving. If the Jobava course was tidied a bit (the main suggestion we came to the conclusion in the furm was perhaps not so good for Black) that would also be a good one. By completing these tournaments it means we get webinars which are very good not only to check our own knowledge, but sometimes to fill in gaps in the course and also as a quick opening summary which can be used to prepare games. In addition, I don't think it's so bad to do some repeats now, maybe starting from certain sub variations on the bigger courses. Similarly there are also plenty of starting positions that could be tried - the material difference ones were quite instructive.

Today since I had time, I entered the prize tournament. There were just 3 players, one left and it was canceled. It's unclear from the event time that this is the registration time, not the actual event time. Given there is also an event on Wednesday, is this too much for a single time slot and so dividing interest?

Most events happen at 3pm UTC, perhaps it should be looked to vary this a little bit, particularly tournaments (depending on the membership). 3pm UTC is still work hours for GMT/BST timezone and also probably for much of Europe. While this suits Eastern Europe, India and a few parts of Asia/Africa, it's not good for further East or the Americas. Perhaps there should be some attempt to have events in those zones. Although at this time it might not be possible to get a resident master who is available in those hours, certainly tournaments that run themselves once set up could be considered assuming the membership is big enough now.

The other things is the usual whine about timely promotion and ensuring events (especially those that need preparation) in the calendar early enough. This Saturday's event appeared Saturday which although didn't need prep is far too late. An oversight maybe, but it's a regular occurrence.

In addition instructions (particular for the simuls or player the GM) need updating and making sure the right server is mentioned, this was causing problems and frustrations a few weeks ago.

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