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In the very first meeting coach ask every player same question "Why you play Chess?". So I wanna know everyone's why.

My why is simple and clear. I wanna become a GM but my first milestone is to get 2000 elo and right now I am 1465 only. I know path is never simple. If it is then all can be GMs. Even before chessmood I knew that becoming a GM in chess is not like turning a lappy on. It request a lot efforts. For those who think becoming a GM is simple can read the article in the bottom.


My another motto is to travel the whole world so I find chess is only way for that because I wanna make friends from whole world and chessmood is not community it's family so its good to know decent people. 

Another story is secret and only coach know that why I am so dedicated to learn chess and why I sometimes work in crazy way like working 10-12 hrs a day and sometimes more than 15. But coach showed me right path to work and now I combine my hard work with smart work so I am improving.

Once I will reach my goals I will help beginners a lot and make them intermediate faster so they can able to understand chessmood contents well. Because I don't think there is any community which can help intermediate players like us in best way. I know a lot platforms and their contents are useful but what they are missing is active forums. Chessmood is improving day by day so it's best for all intermediate players and advanced players.

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Thanks Chessmood!

Hello Dear ChessMood Family members! Before Joining Chessmood, I was 1600 in blitz... after 3 months here, I finally crossed 1800 in blitz! I saw some courses when they were free and my personal favourite was Benko Gambit! Here is THE game which finally just a few seconds ago, made me a 1800!

The move 40.Rc6! Finally made me a 1800

Thank you soooo much dear Chessmood family and the GM team! I owe you a party ;)

Special thanks to GM Avetik the most dedicated coach ever! also special thanks to @Abhi Yadav who gave me a study plan to work on! ;) I REALLY thank you guys very much! 

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How I work on Concentration.

In the bottom, I am sharing my opinion and my experience about power of spells. 

Many works a lot but never improve. Even if you have right contents such as chessmood and many other. I think there are many reasons of not improving but I thinking biggest one is Concentration. Now a days people are seriously suffering from lack of concentration. Even guys GMs works on their concentrations skills.  This is because they are also human and no matter you are a GM or amateur you must work on your concentration skills. There are many ways by which you can improve your concentration. In the bottom I am sharing what my culture teaches us. It does not mean you are forced to follow me. I am sharing it for good knowledge. I think God is one and one call him Shiva another person can call him Jesus. Those people who truely believe in Spiritual things will never waste their time in case of names of God. They respect all religion because they know all religion have same God with different names. Now let's come back to topic.

First Method and most effective one:

Power of Spells that can open your mind in a way in which you never expected. There are even scientific proofs that spells of Lord Shiva improve concentration to the next level. You can google it if you want. In the bottom I am sharing the benefits of this powerful spell which can help you in concentration and memory skills.

Benefits of Om Namah Shivay


After reading the above post if any of you feel interested about how to chant spells in most effective way then let me know so I will guide you from which I learnt from best mentors. It's not gonna be super complex task but it will change your intelligence level.  The reason behind that is most posts are in Hindi Language so it's impossible for a foreigner to understand what the author is trying to say. So instead of learning from wrong mentors on youtube I can share you the right idea in translated forms from the right mentors or I can say my spiritual mentor. 

The spells I love:

Spells of Lord Shiva: Om Namah Shivay, Namah Shivay.

Spell of Mother Durga:  Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Viche

Note: There are many deep things you need to know in order to work on spells in right way because chanting spells in right way with pure dedication matters.  I am not an expert in this field of spells but I know from where to start and how.

Second Method:

Now let's go to the topic by which you can improve your concentration without the spells. Because some people do not like to chant spells of different cultures. But the method I am sharing in the bottom is not based on any religion but it's an art by which you can improve your concentration.

1. So what you have to do is take a paper and make a dot on the paper with red or blue or black pen. Then paste it on the wall in a way so once you will sit in front of it then it will be clearly  visible to you. Like in the pic I shared. The guy sitting in front of point can see the point without moving his neck. 

2. You also need a met so you can sit on it. In these things met should be new and it can be used only by you not your family member. 

3.  You also need a hanKee so you can clean your eyes once the tears will come. 

4. The max time you need to spent on Point Concentration is 10 to 15 mins. Don't do more than that in the beginning. 

5.  Try to avoid non- veg things during you will work on this skill.

6. Room should be clean also  and if possible choose a room in which not many people comes. So it  will become empty.

7. Choose a time in which there is pin drop silence in the home. Best timings are 4 am or 5 am in the morning and 6 or 7 pm in the evening.

8. Turn off the fan so when you wwill try to focus on point then no air will annoy you because if air touches your eyes then it will be troublesome for you to focus on point well.

9. Now sit down on mat and start focus on the point. Don't try to think of any thoughts. In the beginning many thoughts will come in your mind but do not try to force them to go away. They will soon go away from your mind. Within few weeks you will see difference in your concentration. 

10. During you focus do not try to close your eyes. Try to focus and if tears come a lot then use hankee to clean it for a sec then again start looking at the point. Within some weeks tears will not annoy you because your eyes will be concentrated on the point so well.

11. When you will do this training then sometimes you will see light on point instead of the real point. So , don't be scared it's a sign that now your mind have no thoughts. When light comes if means are doing alright.

11. Now, how to understand that you are successful in this method. When you will see only light on the point instead of your point and it will stay for 10 or 15 mins then you are successful in this method. 

That's all guys. Try any of these methods. It will be super useful for your concentration. I am still searching for right video in english on these topics but still I found no useful video in english format. Once I will find it then I will paste link here and it will be useful for you all. 

Good luck.

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