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Interesting a4 move in the Sicilian Rossolimo Bxc6 line .

I was playing a strong player rated 2500 in chess.com and I played the Sicilian Rossolimo which was recommanded in the course. My opponent played the interesting a4 move and play two game which give me some trouble in this line. 



The first game, he played a4 and I reply with a5 to stop the advancement of pawn. But he reply with an interesting maneuver Bd2 and Bc3, Na3 and Nc4 that put big pressure on my e5 pawn. 

The second game, I tried to avoid playing e5 but he instead played e5 himself. I was not sure how should I continue the game. I tried to check what if I meet his a4 move with a5, but he has an interesting idea of Ra2 after Nf8 Bd2 Be6 and b3. Where he still prepare Bc3 to exchange my bishop on g7.


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