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Best games of May - The results!
Hey Champions, Hello ChessMood Family!
It was very cool to see so many attacking and nice games. 
It was very cool to see your growth. 
Especially Aayush Shirodkar, Jyotsko Sengupta, Abhi Yadav and Tanmoy Mitra, we see how much work you do at home. Keep it going! 

It was cool to see you started to make draws and even win against GMs! 
Matt and Ainojin - respect! :)  

It was cool so many ChessMood members and PRO Members learning and practicing our variations. 
There is no way not to raise rating with this good work. 

Now, let's go to prizes. 
It's tough to find 5 winners out of 100+ games. 
Hopefully, if anyone of you will not be in the list, you'll not get upset and will continue working on chess and hitting your goals. 

Here we go! 

The 1st Prize goes to Hayk Khachikyan, for his crushing the Scandinavian with his brilliant Qh8 move! 
(I commented the game and uploaded in youtube -

The 2nd Prize goes to Arman Shahzamani, for his crushing attack in Anti-Sicilian with 2.Nc3!

The 3rd Prize goes to Abhi Yadav, for crushing the Ufimcev with Grand Prix attack. 

The 4rd Prize goes Jeffrey Cobb, for his Grand Prix attack and 98% accuracy ???? 

The 5th Prize... There were a few nice attacks by Aayush Shirodkar, Jyotsko Sengupta and TK. 

We were not sure whom to give the 5th Prize, so we decided to give all of them. And not to share the Prize but to all of them give 75k MoodCoins.


Fahad Rahman gets a prize- Best Tactic of May! ???? His 1...Nf4 and 1.Rd5 were very nice! 

Tanmoy Mitra gets a prize "Guardian" for saving so many lost positions. 
Both of them get 50k MoodCoin. 

Other Bonuses:

Sicilian Defense as a victim of the May, gets a free ticket to the Maldives. 
Grand Prix Attack gets the prize "Gladiator of May" and gets a brand new sword to crush Sicilians in June faster and nicer :) 

Congratulations to all the winners! 
See you in June's best games. 

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Best solving chessbooks for professional players (part - 1)

Hi , 

I am FM Nikhil Dixit from India .My current Fide rating is 2358 This is my first blog ever . in this blog i will help you with best books for professional players specially for 2000 and above .I have attached links so you can see preview or you can buy . so lets begin

1 . Perfect Your Chess by Andrei Volotikin and Vladimir Grabinksy 

This is my personal favorite chess book . In this book There are 3 chapters namely make a move , find a win , answer a question and in each chapter there are 100 puzzle . first 40 are dedicated to Fide master level . from 41 to 80 are dedicated to International master level and last 20 are dedicated to grand master level . what i particularly like about this book is in answers volotikin gives practical example which relates in life .  


2. Recognizing Your opponent resources by Mark Dvoretsky

As we all know mark dvoretsky is best chess author ever . he have written various books on opening middle game and endgame . in this books he distributed content in 4 chapters namely 

a. Pay attention to your opponents resources 

b. the process of elimination 

c. traps

d. prophylactic thinking 

after solving this book you will learn how to find opponent resources . the book covers more than 500 problems with solutions . The first chapter of this book is difficult so my suggestion is start from last chapter otherwise you will get frustrated!


3. Grandmaster preparation calculation by jacob aagaard

this is one of the bestsellers . Jacob aagaard is well known coach in world . in every book he brings excellent stuff . In this book he have given 10 chapters . in each chapters initially there where introduction and examples with solutions provided . after that there are so many practical problems given for each chapter or on each theme . this book is best for those who want to become complete master in middlegame . 10th chapter which name as difficult problems are like impossible for me . but definitely if you solve that problems your confidence level will take a boost . 


this is my honest reviews about this 3 books 

if you want more this type of blogs or if you have any suggestion let me know in the comment . 

if you want to read part 2 of this blog , i have attached link below 


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Any Changes in my Study Plan?

Coach as you know due to lock down I have too much time for chess prep so I am concerned about my prep and hoping to improve my game to the next level. In the bottom I am sharing my current study plan.

1. 2 hr chessmood opening prep plus an hr revision of the previous day studied opening lines.

2. I am going to start a book called "woodpecker method" for tactics and pattern practice.

3. I am doing revision of all chessmood classical games and I watch 5 games daily and after that I am going to work on old streams which I missed.

4. I am also doing a chess book called "Amateur's Mind " by Jeremy Silman.

 That's all I am doing coach so kindly tell me if there is something more I need to add in my study plan so I will reach my 2000 first milestone. I am right now only 1465 FIDE rated. I will start playing more events whenever events will start in my country. I will not only play rated events but also I will play more club games so my board practice will be more better. 

If you think there is something wrong in my approach then let me know. Yes my dream is to become a Grandmaster and I do know that it's not so simple task and I know it's complex but I won't give up and I will do everything so I can achieve my goals. Yes I lose and I cry, yes I work and fail and I cry but I know failure is essential for future success so I will not gonna give up on anything. I am 23 right now and upcoming 8 months I am fully free so if in this mean time I can achieve even 1700 FIDE elo then my family will start trusting me more and more so it will be easier for me to work more without limitations.

Thanks again sir!!!

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