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Identifying updates in the courses

I've found some practical problems in developing/maintaining the pgn files (actually .cbv chessbase files) and wondered how others manage this.

So I start with a database I call "1.e4 repertoire" and create a game in it called "Sicilian".  I go through the videos, once just listening and then I go though it more slowly, adding the moves, variations and comments.  This game file includes alternative moves for white, and also the errors that white makes.  It includes arrows, evaluations, highlighted squares etc.   This is intended as a permanent detailed file, including copied in GM games etc.

Then I copy the game to my "White Repertoire" database which I store on the chessbase cloud.  Now, I want to upload it to the chessbase web app "My Games", and create the file that helps me drill the lines using the Chessbase Openings app.  For the app to work well, I have found that I need to:

1. Where Avetik has given a choice, I need to choose which line I prefer and delete the other, otherwise the drill app seems to get confused

2. Delete the lines that showed what white should NOT play, otherwise the drill app will include them (I don't want to be sitting in a game and trying to remember whether that line I remember was the one to play or not to play!)

3. Shorten the lines down to the core moves, otherwise I will be drilling lines down to move 40 or so, which is an impossibility for the human brain.

4. Make sure there are no "hanging" black moves - each line needs to finish on a clinching white move.

4. Mark the lines with a "my move" mark so I will be drilled on them.

And then...….  Avetik adds some new videos, or I want to go back and view the advanced material and add it to my databases, or I play a game and find I want to add a new line to counter what my opponent played. 

Firstly, it is really hard to identify which videos are new since I made the original .cbv file.  Avetik, any way to better identify such new material, so when we come back to that opening a month later we can see what is new and what we have to cover?  And secondly, moving new variations through that whole process above causes me incredible brain pain.  It is just impossible to follow each through.  It seems to me that there is benefit in having 2 files (one that is complete as a reference for the detailed material, and one that is stripped down for using the drilling app) that stay synchronised as I cover new material, but doing so is doing my head in.

What do you guys do?  How can I simplify the process to make it more manageable, but still retain the goal of having a detailed file, and a drilling file?


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King and two knights vs king and a pawn


In todays's lessons we talk about tabelbase and king and two knights vs king and a pawn. I found this nice video on that endgame. I watch it in oktober 2018 :-)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VM9JWGbBQ4s -
What is Troitsky's line? An instructive endgame lecture

At 4.10 he show us the Troitsky's line. I did not know about the Troitsky's line before I saw this video.

Here are a link to the free tabelbase

/Kim Skaanning

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