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opponent played 5..e6 in Caro-Kann


I think I hadn't seen the e6 videos during preparation for my game, but I did afterwards.  Is the idea
the same and I should have played f4?  I didn't know about that so I played Nf3, figuring that his lsb was now blocked.

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Sicilian Dragon opening gave me a good game - Thank you Chessmood!

Hey folks, I just wanted to share a game I played where I was able to implement the Sicilian opening I learned here on Chessmood.


I know I am not highly rated, and I missed a tactical opportunity early in the game, but I did have a very nice Rook sac that led to a 6 move forced mate.  I don't think these always happen in games and they are fun to see so I thought I would share here for others to also enjoy. I also almost had a nice smothered mate that was possible because of the opening formation.

Thank you Chessmood team, I am very much enjoying the content!

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