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The Biker dude chess adventure... 20 + years in the making

 Hello my chess mood family .  I wanted to share my return to the chess tournament scene  with you all from the perspective of a 20 year plus lag in between the last one .   And what better way to do it then through Facebook and live  broadcast .   This brought together a lot of different aspects that were  not expected by me , such as more than slight case of the nerves because everyone I felt was better than I was .  And I tried to prepare using the teachings from the coach ,As to play his openings and put my learning to the test .  I wanted to thank you all for joining me on this, and that if you haven’t had a chance to looked at it, and don’t mind wasting a little bit of your time you go to my page on the Facebook and see some of the videos . it’s not long but it is after reviewing it rather silly,  my wife says that I can’t keep what’s  in my heart .  The outcome was not what I had hoped for but the experience was worth more than I expected .  Other observations would be that you just can’t prepare for everything,  the  Qc2  response in the Benko was unexpected and one of the lines that I did not review or could remember about and get into a position that I just wasn’t as comfortable .  The last game the one in which I won in round four is a perfect example of the coaches saying that when they play something that is weird or in your opinion not good that you should punish it I had the opportunity to do so and it turned out well .  I Gotta figure out how to put the games and here I will try to attach the PGN and you can go over them . probably nothing that’s worth seeing I did not play to my best . I’m going to write that off as very nervous and did not concentrate well but thank goodness the round four was better .   So  to those of you my brothers who are like me and if you’re older like myself you can get better with the coaches most valuable instruction .  It works I am a living witness to that .  I want to also add that my competition in this section of the tournament was just about everyone was at least 200- 400 ELO points rated higher than me. Wow,  talk about trial by fire OMG!  But still when I asked them how did you rate my play everyone said I played very well ... that was such a welcome surprise .  Will post the games in the next entry .   So my brothers keep the right mood and always look for the right move ! this is your brother the old biker dude after the next just event .

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St. Louis Premier and Amateur adventure

As I mentioned in the FB chat, this weekend I played in the St. Louis Premier and Amateur tournament (amateur section based on feedback from the community).  Overall, I would say it was an awesome experience. I had only joined this site a few days prior to the tournament so I don't actually play any of the openings recommended, but I don't have a large chess community/system to share the experience with so I thought I would post on here.  

I was rated about 1480ish and first round they had me as "unrated" so I played a 1506. I played 1.e4 and he played the Caro-Kann, and I played the two knights variation. I was able to get a large advantage in the opening, but typical for me I ended up losing some of the advantage. I got into an endgame and was able to convert, thankfully.  

Second round I played a 1715 and he played 1.e4 and I responded with my 1...c5. I wanted to practice the Najdorf, but unfortunately he played 2.c4.  The game wasn't that eventful, and it eventually dwindled down to a rook and pawn drawn endgame.  

Third round I played one of the top seeds who was rated 1930ish.  I have always been told against higher rated players you should strive for complicated/imbalanced positions, so I played the Ruy Lopez and through the course of the game I gave up two minors for a rook and two pawns. I thought I could generate some dynamic play, but in the end I lost. I am excited to learn the Scotch though! 

Fourth round I played a 1630ish who was about 12 years old (super intimidating) and he played 1.e4 and I finally got to practice my Najdorf! I really enjoyed the game, and at one point sacrificed my rook for a knight and pawn and dynamic play. I thought I had a great attack going, but eventually it ended in a draw as well. 

Fifth round I played a lower rated player around 1240 who was having a decent tournament (I think he beat a 1550ish player) and we had a decent game. I opted for a KIA set up since I didn't want to go into Sicilian theory (not really comfortable playing the open yet) and I was able to solidify my kingside and then switch to a queenside attack. I won an exchange and basically carried that to a winning endgame. 

I have a ton to learn from these games, but overall I really enjoyed the tournament experience and I am excited to play more.  Hopefully I can improve and convert some of these draws to wins! 

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