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Trying to analize a game against the sicilian

Hello people!

Hope you are all doing great! I have a question about the attached game, it  was not a great game and I was sort of panicking because the lack of increment, I know you guys all play rapid games but I mostly play classic so 10+0 was hell for me! :-D

Anyway, I have a very specific question for you: I tried following the anti Sicilian approach but I couldn't make it fully work, I feel lost after 7. ... e6 and I didn't understood why. Fair warning: I didn't watch the whole course, I'm watching bits of every opening course when I find the opening on the wild, I feel like that works best for me because I can focus on things I actually play instead of having all this lines in my head that I cannot really apply at my low level. That means maybe my question is clearly answer later in the course or in another anti Sicilian course and I don't know it, sorry if that's the case.

Well, after analyzing the game I think the key here and what was throwing me out of balance is my opponent never played g6, and maybe he was not intended to play it at all!. I found out there is a video about a similar line in the course (section 3.24) but it's not *exactly* like that, because I already move my bishop.

Anyway, I guess I'll like any comment about the opening, but I'll throw some questions as well:

1) Do any of the anti Sicilian courses cover this topic in more detail? Maybe I'm looking at the wrong one.
2) Should I go for 5. Bc4 directly against this line?
3) Do you have any suggestions about how to play against this line?


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