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Beating anti-sicilians 2. Bc4, missing transpositions

Looking at https://database.chessbase.com/?lang=en some main transpositions are not covered, or maybe will be covered in upcoming course sections (Bb5, and perhaps Be2):

After 2) Bc4 Nc6 3) Nf3 Nf6 4) Bc4 e6 - White now has the 'crafty' 5) Bb5 (~2000 games). The idea is if Nd4, then e5 is available and if Ng4 Bxc6, which differs to the line as White since the knight is not on f6 at that point. One suggestion is the knight goes back to g8.

Also instead 5) Be2 [and as mentioned Be2 could do with some coverage (either as a GP, retreat, or even 2) Be2 appears which was covered in the Pert Fighting Anti-sicilian DVD), so if that was added perhaps this transposition could be added here.]

5) Bb5 also appears in the 2) Nf3 Nc6 3) Nc3 g6 4) Bc4 Bg7 5) Bb5  - a Rossolimo a tempo up (800 games) - how best to use this tempo?

Finally after: 2) Bc4 Nc6, there is even 3) Bb5 (2600 games). More amusing is 3...) Nd4 4) Bc4 appears often (White can't makeup their mind!). Again given the popularity it could do with a mention perhaps in the upcoming Bb5 course.

These might seem usual sidelines, but the lines covered in the course often are in single figures compared to hundreds or thousands of games of these lines with average of 2300 FIDE or so. Often all that's needed is a plan if the idea is innocuous - i.e. which of several plans in similar positions is the best here and why.

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