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Best tournament performance so far

Scored 3/5 at the Hull 4NCL International Open with a 2194 rating performance


Definitely a large portion of that is down to Chessmood. Thanks guys.

* although also a notable shout out to ChesssCoach Andras' Amateurs Mind series on YouTube (Decision making and assessment, Exploring Calculation Techniques, and How to Get Better at Chess rating series) - certainly a course suggestion for Chessmood 'How to get better for x rating level' course where each section is a different rating band displaying and fixing the typical problems at that level.

Takeaways from my performance (for players around the 1900 level):

Opening study and a good/complete repertoire for your rating helps a lot - the game I lost in round 3 was where I forgot our response to Nc2 in the Maroczy - a5 and chasing the knight with Nb4 didn't work out.
Think during the opponent's time - not just what you'd like to do (which often ends in daydreaming and waiting), but if you were them, what would you play
Always be looking to improve the position of pieces - round 2 game
When out of the book, play on chess principals above thematic opening moves - i.e. don't neglect the centre, development, king safety etc just because you've 'remembered' some other line in the opening that does just that (unless you can concretely justify it)
Avoid 'diagnostic' thinking (I didn't play that because he would have got something I didn't like the look of) - justify it with analysis or at least a holistic look of the whole position to see if that 'advantage' really is all that.
Can you go one move deeper, change the order, or add something? If some idea doesn't work out is there a counter, intermediate move, or a move order which does make it work, and then keep going (can your opponent stop it).

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Last weekend local OTB tourney u1600 joint winner

Last weekend was a special chess time for me as I played in my local chess OTB tournament (u1600 section) & scored 4/5 points with 2 draws & 3 wins to finish as joint winner (3 winners in all on 4/5).

The first OTB chess tournament I have ever won (although my son won the junior prize in this competition many years ago-probably 15 years ago). It was last held in 2019 when it was in a large venue in Town, when GM Eric Hansen visited & I enjoyed meeting & chatting with him. However, due to CoVid & finances, this year it was at my local chess club premises (I do not play there any longer, but often run into club members in online games) & there were restricted numbers due to CoVid & the smaller venue & I was on the reserve list until midday Friday when I got in due to a cancellation. The main Open section was won by IM Alan Merry, a local player who was with my son as a junior in the junior chess club here (& I may add my son, Chris, never lost to Alan & I have the game notation when he beat Alan to win the Junior chess club annual tournament (30/06/2006)!).

In terms of game detail I played 1.e4 as White and as Black faced down 1.e4  twice with 1.e4 e5 with one game an Italian opening & the other a Ruy Lopez Berlin defence (both wins).  I know 1.e4 e5 is not a ChessMood opening course sadly, but it is my personal favourite chess opening of all time. The other win for me was as White with the Italian opening & I had one draw as White in the Alekhine defence and another draw as White in the Italian opening. So now I plan to study the ChessMood Alekhine course closely (in depth) now & maybe next year I can bust out the the Scotch opening a la ChessMood, as it is a pretty decent opening (not as good as the Italian or Ruy Lopez clearly, but I do like both the Scotch opening & a drop of Scotch whisky now & again!). If I get the ChessMood openings down, maybe next year I can enter the Major section & do well with these! Onwards & upwards.....(btw thanks GM Avetik for Facebook love to my FB post on this!) ;-)

For results & tournament information:


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