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Anti sicilian



I am new member  here..

I have a doubt in the line in Course 2 Anti sicilian Nc3- Part 1- Section 2 -19.

ie 1 e4 c5 2.Nc3 d6 3. f4 g6 4 Bc4 Bg7 5 Nf3 Nc6 6.0-0 .Nc6 7 d4.

I played few games on chess.com and my opponent played 
7... cd  8. Nb5  a6  9. Nbd4  Nd4  10. Nd4  Nf6 ????

I tried e5, but could not get anything,  Checked f5 too , still no satisfactory game and black seems more than fine.  

Please guide me how to continue after  10.....Nf6 ?

Thank you 

Vinaykumar s h 

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Why are you losing?

One thing that is mentioned in Wetzell's "Master at Any Age" is 'getting the best bang for you buck'. That is older players may not have the luxury of being able to spend time everywhere, nor may an experienced player need to. There are usually one or two areas that are causing the most points/games/problems in someone's game and time spent there is going to pay more than on other areas (It's perhaps not so simple as that as sometimes you need to build foundations for later too).

Here's an idea. Go through your last 20-30 standard length games. If you don't have a lot of time, use auto-analysis on lichess or chess.com. For each game irrespective of the result, try to find 3 errors (I also note the move number and url). Move the pieces if necessary to try to understand why the computer marked it as an inferior move. Note the errors, and also if you were in time trouble (difficult to define since go for long enough and time will usually become a problem, but worth noting if the game finished with less than 5 minutes, and your opponent had significantly more time - or if one of your chosen errors happened in low time).

The aim is to look for patterns. I seem to be quite often opening up lines for the opponent's pieces. I also get into time trouble a lot (45 or 60 minutes even with 15 or 5 seconds increment is not a lot for me, so much of this will be less of a problem when going back to over the board chess).

Here's my last 10.

Opponent Rating Colour Result Link Opening Time trouble? Mistake 1 Mistake 2 Mistake 3
nigelico 1931 White Loss https://lichess.org/RQpTof6iL0uN Pirc GP with e5 Yes 45 Weakening own pawn (trying to win) 9 Tactical blunder (missed opening lines to king for pawn sac) 51 Tactical blunder – capture clears square for king
Budapest23 1769 White Win https://lichess.org/D2OpEBYlOVfL Sicilian GP Nc6 Yes 16 Gives up strong king placement to swap queens 13 Choosing inferior move (cutting off calculation too early) 31 Strategic blunder (lost opportunity to give opponent extra island or get passed pawn)
dulal66 2003 White Win https://lichess.org/Kc4uUBcjxHLF Siclian GP e6 Yes 11 Strategic blunder (opening lines for opponent) 15 Knight couldn’t be captured (missed strong outpost)
MarkTWIC 2092 Black Draw https://lichess.org/8n893VGYqc7n Maroczy Bind Yes 34 Allowed king to advance (endgame pawn structure) 35 Allowed king to advance (endgame pawn structure) 33 Allowed king to advance (endgame pawn structure)
acsouthall 2073 Black Loss https://lichess.org/lgbBAogMLbTj c3 Sicilian Yes 8 Wrong pawn structure (target for attack) 35 Should block structure (capture gives weak pawn each) 31 Capture gives passed pawn to watch (no good discoveries)
adrielAU 2156 Black Loss https://lichess.org/HSOeXKQDTWeb Benko a4 Yes 58 Tactical blunder fork (low time) 57 Tactical blunder fork (low time) 21 Wrong slow plan (should undermine centre straight away)
ranger440 1725 Black Win https://lichess.org/uz55oiNXbzP8 Jobava e3 Yes 8 Give square to knight by bad pawn advance 15 Tactical error (should eliminate good knight)
easthantsuk 2005 Black Draw https://lichess.org/IW61KiJvd6Pt Benko b6 Yes 28 Strategic blunder (opening c-file for rooks) 23 Tactical blunder (exchange opens pin line) 18-20 Tactical (didn’t fight queenside occupation well)
thepace 1475 White Win https://lichess.org/blH3w7XwvSrH Caro kann ex Qc8 Yes 41 Tactical (change target to distract Q to ex weak pawn) 36 Defending instead of counter-attacking 30 Defended instead of attack where stronger
MaxTheMeme 1803 Black Win https://lichess.org/blwBfgL0Wwvi b3 No 10 Tactical blunder (allowed counter-attack when P down) 18 Allows knight to come to outpost 5 Opening theory, didn’t weaken kingside with intermediate check

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