The Legal Doping

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  • GM Avetik Grigoryan GM Avetik Grigoryan

The Legal Doping

GM Avetik shares a secret hack to play at your higher potential. Anyone can use it before the game to boost their performance!

Improvement Hacks | 3 min read
The Legal Doping

Recently, I am getting questions like "How you do that?", "How you work with your students?", "What's the secret", as two of my students became Grandmasters and all the students together raised around 1000 points in a few months.

Well, I work with my students not only over the chessboard but also I  work on their psychology, subconscious mind and much more. That is not a few hour-work or a few day-work.
Here, in this article, I'll share with you one of the most important tricks! I call it legal doping.

In many sports, there are lots of ways to improve scores such as doping drugs, but, we know, that they are illegal and are controlled by special committees. However, there is a legal way to show the best result: doping with the mind.

While watching the Olympic games, you may have noticed some situations when, before the race, athletes are not chilling. They close their eyes, concentrate, and do some quick meditations. The aim is to bring their minds to a strong connection with their bodies. The same you can do in chess.

Once I did an experiment with my students. When they entered the classroom, I gave them a brain game. They failed to solve it. After a short break, we did some exercise for concentration and they tried again. This time they solved it very fast!

After that day, every time before the training started, they did some exercises. It helped them to clear their minds and to concentrate.
Can you imagine how amazing results you can get if you concentrate and clear your mind before the game?

We know that computers work slowly when there are lots of programs running. If we want them to work faster, we close all the unnecessary programs. The same happens with our minds. It works slowly when it's full of lots of sh*t.

Many of you have an experience of working with chess engines and you have probably met the situation when KNS (speed) is e.g. 5000. You close all the running programs and its speed jumps to 7000! 
The same you can do with your mind and get in the Right Mood before the game.

Here are some tips and thoughts:

✔ Before starting the game, whether it is online or offline, clear your mind. Throw away all your worries, whether they are related to your family, relationship or friends. Just concentrate on your game and you will be shocked how well you can play.

You will discover your inner potential. You will see that you are able to hit 2500 ELO offline, though you used to think that 2400 was your maximum.
Yeah, it's hard to get in that Right Mood, but with regular practice, strong effort, and burning desire, you can achieve it.

✔ I assure you, with the Right Mood you can increase your strength by 100 ELO minimum.
If you get in the Right Mood just by 50% you will increase your ELO by 50. It's a lot!
Even if you get in the Right Mood by 10%, it's still good.

✔ Right Mood is just like doping! When you use it and get in that state, you show much better results.

✔ The most amazing thing here is that this doping is legal.

✔ It's always with you, always. You can't forget it in the car.  You can use it before and during the game as much as you want.

For illustrating all this better, I'll bring an example.
There are many Grandmasters, whose ELO is 2600, but when you analyze with them, you feel their strength is 2500. So, how do they perform that 2600? Yeeeah! With Right Mood!

On the contrary, there are many Grandmasters with 2600 ELO, who have the strength of 2700 during the analyzing. Why? Because during the game they fail to get in that Right Mood.

I'm sure you have seen a Grandmaster playing a horrible game and losing against an amateur player or someone, who crushed a Grandmaster and played the best game of his life. How? Right Mood!

Now you know the big secret! Try it and you will be surprised by the results you produce.

Cheers guys! Looking forward to hearing your amazing stories and seeing your brilliant games after getting in the Right Mood.

Right Mood - Right Move

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Originally published May 23, 2019

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