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2019 Illinois Open Chess Tournament

Just Completed my first FIDE rated tournament . And 12 years after my last USCF rated tournament .http://www.uschess.org/assets/msa_joomla/XtblMain.php?201909023492.1-13459254

Finished +2=3-1 , gained 30 USCF rating points , based on the rating estimators performance rating was 2224 , ruing the missed chances that resulted in draws. Copied the games , need to play lot more games than now , conversion seems to be big problem . Hopefully GM Avetik will see the games and give some feedback . In One Benko game I fought very hard and got winning position at the very end missed a tactic and threw the win to settle for draw.  Last round again got very promising position with white ( against Marvin Dandridge ) but then took wrong decision and settle for draw , I knew I outplayed him in the opening but at crucial moment took wrong decision to settle for draw.

Got to know Kevin Ho as he was playing too.

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