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Scotch h4 line, black responded h5!

Scotch h4 line, black replied h5


I'm a new pro member and am loving the Scotch repertoire. I played against a 2300 in a 30 minute game and they played 8... h5 against me. Is there a specific move or plan you'd recommend against that idea? I didn't see it in any of the videos. 

The rest of the game went:

c4 Ba6

g3 g6

Bg5 Qb4+

Nd2 Qxb2

Rb1 Qxa2 

And here I made a huge blunder with Bf6, I underestimated their counterplay and lost 10 moves later. Thanks! And keep up the amazing work.



Hey Benjamin,

I think this move cannot be correct, because it just gives us a tempo, it doesn't threaten anything, and with h4 in some lines, I guess we want to play Bg5, so h5 may be only in our favor, but let's wait for an answer from the Coach :)

An interesting question. Susik is right, we should be able to use h4 for our use. With h5 he's just weakening. 
In many-many cases we can use. 
The most simple one is 9.c4 Ba6 10.b3 . Without h4 h5, here Black's main move is g6. 
But now with h4 h5 included he can't because of Bg5 :) And Qb4 check is useless, we can even play Qd2. 

London System Move Order Question

1. d4 Nf6 2. Bf4 g6 3. e3 Bg7 4. Nf3 d6 5. h3 0-0 and here instead of 6. Be2 what if white plays 6. c3 instead which also doesn't block the d file (unlike Nbd2)? So we cannot take advantage of 6. c3 with 6. ...Nbd7 to play Re8 and e5. Is there any way we can take advantage of white not playing 6. Be2 and goes for 6. c3 instead?


We'll play Ne4 and then f5! And then e5, 

Please, could you add an information about an ideal black setup if white inserts and early Nd2, lets say before after h3 and before 0-0, and disables us in playing the key move Ne4. I did not found this in your course, but found instead some interesting examples in database. Would this be the right way?


White to play

Is it possible to mate here with the King? :) 

P.S. Please, don't laugh at my question, I'm serious :)



You can't mate with the Kings because they will be both in check the rules state King's cannot walk into a check, hope this helps

hahah I love this one 0-0-0 checkmate !

I think he played Kd2 in the actual game. I loved this game!!!

OTB Experience Report

Hello chessmood members.

I played an OTB tournament this weekend (60m+30s 6 rounds) after many months of playing only online.

I decided to play only chessmood openings as my oponents were not too strong (between 1500 and 1900). I am a recent member on chessmoood so there are still many holes in my openings repertoire. What did I play:

As white:
- 2 Scotch with Nf6 h4 (one was h6 the second Qe6)
- 1 Closed Sicilian with Nc6 

As black:
- 1 Rossolimo with early c3 (even before O-O)
- 1 Accelerated Dragon (forgot about the Qb6 after white played f3 instad of Bb3)
- 1 bizzare opening, white setup: d4, e3 Nbd2, f4, c3, Ngf3 (my oponent played this setup against everybody)

Before each game there was from 1-2 hours of free time, so I was able to prepare a bit rewatching chessmodd videos of most likely variations that I hoped would appear. For some opponents I found what they do usually play, through their games on, or by looking what they have played in previous rounds.

I was a bit surprised that they could also find out the same about me. My games on were visible and also the forums posts with my games on were visible :( For that reason I have now changed my name in profile on both chess.comn and chessmoood as I prefer not to disclose my repertoire. 

So how did the tournament go: 5.5 points out 6. I won the tournament. The only draw was with black against the bizzare opening.  It looks like for me the chessmood openings do really work.

My opponents didn't really play the theory and if I could remember everything in chessmood videos my games would finish even faster. With one exception, for the second scotch game my opponent was prepared as he was present when I analyzed with my opponent after first scotch game. When he played e4 e5 Nf6 and Nc6 I thought for a bit to change, but then  decided to stick to the principle and he indeed played strong preparation h4 Qe6 and g3 d6 but still he lost. 

In manyb ways it was a different experience  that the one from my long games on lichess where my opponents routinely play very strong computer moves :(

So good news are that in the OTB tournaments you will most likely have even more success with the chessmood openings !!!


That's a nice report Robert! Thanks for telling us, this only proves once more that we are in the right place. Congrats for your win!!

Can't wait to try them in the OTB games!

Congratulations on your great result!

Wow thank you for the message and of course congratulations, great job !

we all dream to play  OTB tournament one day and finally use ChessMood openings :D 

Hey Robert! 
Very nice to hear that! 
Congratulations! :) 
That's great. 

About playing with secret nicknames on online platforms, I was talking with my student today :) 
That's a good plan! 

NEW ARTICLE: How You Can Find the Perfect Training/Sparring Partner (Part 2)

Hey Champions!

We have this topic in our Blog.
If you have any questions, comments or you just liked it, feel free to share your thoughts here. 


It sounds similar to finding a coach ;)

Is this a forum where I can ask people to be my partner?

GM Avetik,

I can adjust the strength of engine so It’ll not always beat me. This way I can make one of my sparring partners the engine. The good thing is that my engine partner is available anytime I wish

What do you think? Is it still a bad idea to have such a partner?

Message option?

Hi, sometimes I wanted to text chessmood members. But I can't find them on other social media. Is it possible for the programmer team to make a message option in new website? So atleast we can send positions and texts? Because sometimes it's not possible to ask everything in forums.


I have the same problem sometimes

Abhi, we ill try to add chat in the website, in the future. 

Suggestion: Marking course updates


As courses are being updated with new material, it's difficult to know which videos you've watched and what is new, as well as when to fetch the pgn again. Is it possible to add either a tracker to show what you've watched (might be over different devices so would have to be linked to the account), or to add a new/updated tag (problem is deciding when the new/updated tag should be removed), or maybe a pinned announcement in the forum / add a News tab where updates to courses (as well as what's coming soon) can be announced, so you just need to look at updates from the last time you looked?



Nice Suggestion!

Note also making updates happening very visible may encourage some to hang on to their subscriptions rather than cancel because they've watched all the material they want.

Hey David! 
Very nice suggestion. 
Thank you very much! 

We'll try to include it in the upcoming new website. 
The only problem we're having challenges to hire smart technical guys. 
If you know one, please recommend us. 


Games to discuss

Dear ChessMood Family, dear champions! 
With your request, I'm adding here a threat, where you can post your games, ask for feedback and discuss with others. 
Good luck! 


This game we played today with my friend and sparring-partner @Susanna_Gaboyan. She played Nd5 after (you can find it in the advanced section). This is also the first engine move but as I remember it doesn't exist in the course. So I'm interested in how players will answer here for white. I've played Ne4

The shortest game

The shortest game won against a Grandmaster with ChessMood openings was just 6 moves. Can you guess the opening? Or moves? :)


Some sillies with Qxg2 Be4 in the French? 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Bd3 e5 4. exd5 Qxd5 5. Nc3 Qxg2 6. Be4 resign, log-off?

Petroff? Anand once lost very quickly -

Grand Prix, Bc4... They play Bg4 and we take on f7 :)

Mistakes in the opening

Hi guys. I'm just wondering,

In which opening do you always make the same mistake and cannot remember the correct move all the time and what are you doing to solve the problem?


Good question! :) 
Would love to hear our students' answers :) 

Will you root for me? :)

Hello ChessMood Family! 

At the beginning of 2020, having below 2800 rating in, I've decided to show the power of ChessMood openings on my own example

I've decided to get 2900 in 1 year!

By the way, if you don't know, 2800+ level mostly are Grandmasters with 2600+ rating in real life.

I'm not playing chess professionally, and all my time goes to Chessmood.
How could I compete with these guys?

I believe I could, because of the power of ChessMood openings... They're so practical and dangerous, especially if opponents aren't prepared...

This year, I won many-many games in less than 20 moves, against Grandmasters who are in the top 100 of the world...

And today I got to 2873!

Will I get that 27 more points and complete my goal? :)
Will you root for me? :)

Champions, ChessMood openings are very-very powerful, and not once you should have seen success stories of our students.

What do you need to do?
Just sit and consume all the material, that are prepared for you in a step-by-step format.

Now you have a choice, to continue as before, or take the fate of your chess journey in your hands.

Click below to start the journey:⤵️

With best wishes,
GM Avetik


Sure will support you 100%! You rock coach! I believe in YOU! I know you can do this! Go coach!

I also know, even though I struggle, that I can improve & I want to thank you for your support to me! Team work will get us to our goals! Best wishes GO FOR IT COGRO!

(& no hoodie blunders! ;-) )

Of course we do! You are a big inspiration for us! I'm sure you can and you will! And let the ChessMood openings to make your way easier.

No doubts !!!

Avetik Sensei! We are with you! Show us the way of the samurai! Take the lead, we'll follow! You can DO it!

Anti-Sicilian with 2...e6

After 1. e4 c5 2. Nc3 e6 3. f4 d5 4. Nf3 dxe4 5. Nxe4 Nc6 6. Bb5 Bd7 7. Qe2 Nf6 8. f5, Avetik discusses 8...e5 and 8...Nxe4 and 8...a6.  I was wondering about 8...Be7.  It looks natural, to allow for castling.  The best I could find was 9. fxe6 Bxe6 10. Nfg5 Nxe4 11. Nxe6 fxe6 12. Qxe4 Qd5 13. Qxd5 exd5 14. 0-0 when White has the bishop pair and material is even and the engine I have scores it 0.00.  Does anyone else have any other ideas?



Hi Karl

What about after 9.fxe6 Bxe6 (fxe6 leave isolated e6-pawn) break Black's pawn structure with 10.Bxc6 + bxc6 11. Nfg5 Nxe4 12. Nxe6 fxe6 13. Qxe4 .. leaves Black with many isolated pawns ?

Karl 8...Be7 is an engine move, which is very inhuman, and very dangerous strategically. 
But engine of course doesn't care)) 

The 8...Be7 I have analizyes with cloud engines and with different engines. 
Black might be okay at the end, but it's very tough to play for Black, because you do one wrong move - and it's over. 

After 9.fe6 Be6 10.Nfg5 Black has three unhuman moves - 10...Ne4 , 10...0-0 and 10...Bd5. 

In your mentioned variation, for example after 12...Qd5 13.Bc6 bc 14.d3 for human it would be strategically winning for White, but engine tries somehow hold the position move by move. 

I would not recommend going such deep, Karl. 
You might need to analyze such things, if your rating was 2500+ 


Against French Defense

How should we approach in this line?


What is the downside of ... c4?

You just go 0-0,f4, f5 and checkmate him! :) e5 pawn is more powerful than the opponent's c4. 

NEW ARTICLE: The Importance of Having a Training Partner (Part 1)

Hey Champions!

We have this topic in our Blog.
If you have any questions, comments or you just liked it, feel free to share your thoughts here. 



coach you shared every practical issue of a alone player. I had this all issue. Because in past I had no partners but now due to chessmood I have everyhting

Are there anyone who wants to be my partner? My Fide rating is 1691.I’m passionate about chess and I want a partner who have a same mindset as me! We can share our material and ideas(like I can teach you how to play the French and King’s Indian)

I don't have whatsapp...What about Skype?

@Banh_Gia_HuyHiii please install watsapp and lets improve chess together.I am also 15+ fide rated.

Ha ha coach! You have a great sense of humour.

Chess is an individual sport and most active chess players jealously guard their chess ideas & plans, although they are happy to share basic concepts which are freely available anyway, to anyone.

As for training partners & chess coaches, when I first joined here, I answered someone's request to train & play games. We played x2 games & they won and had a higher rating than me and I never heard a word back from them for more games! Why? Well, because they had no intention to help & train together, instead they were just wanting to gain improvement for themselves, without giving anything back to anyone else or even a passing thought to the concept of helping anyone else (especially someone they could win against & was lower rated than they are).

Coach Avetik kindly provided me with a coach & unfortunately I forgot one of our coaching lessons and I apologised later, but again, never heard a word back (in fact I played him in the lichess tournament today & I played some different moves as an experimental training game but I doubt he has a clue about that). This is one problem I have as a lower rated player, everyone is usually higher rated than me, so I lose most games. The one game where my opponent was lower rated than me I could play my normal game & won).

All this is completely fine for me. I do know there is one good player on this site, who understands these issues and due to him I remain here (he doesn't know this of course). Meanwhile I will train & play here and improve, as I have all the determination to do it and yet I agree the limiting factor is having limited time. It is good to have good friends, but I will make do here as best I can! Happy chess training & play & remember RIGHT MOOD-RIGHT MOVE & COGRO friends!

Checkmate with a knight and bishop

How long does it take from you to checkmate with knight and bishop ?


Less than a minute in blitz once ;)

Seriously a Google search suggests worst case 33 moves which sounds about right.

Its really easy to learn and worth it as it teaches coordination between the bishop and knight.

You need to know how to:

Drive the king from the centre to an edge

Drive the king into the wrong corner for the bishop

The W manoeuvre with the knight

Losing a tempo with the bishop

The position where it looks like the king escapes the cordon  but doesn't

The final mate in the right corner

Plenty of YouTube sources and you can practise using the 7 piece tablebase Lomonosov app.

When I was beginner it happened to me. I learnt this mate and in the very next team event I had to mate my opponent with B and N. My team was losing and my win gave us draw. So, my opponent said draw? I said no. He was rated 1400 FIDE and I was unrated. He thought I don't know the mate and I said I know. Finally I mated him. Yes, we had no time issues but still it's fun to find those mates.

Blindfold Chess Tips

What a superb idea coach Avetik GM Grigoryan shared with me when I was in trouble of how to improve blindfold or visualization. Now after seeing it I have nice ideas about how to improve blindfold skills. I felt shocked when he said even occasionally players can also improve by applying right approach.
So, don't miss to check out this wonderful lesson!


Win a GM in 11 moves? :)

Champions, can you win a GM in 11 moves?

The answer - yes, if you play ChessMood Openings



What can we do with MoodCoins? 1000= 1$ but what do we do with it? What is $1?


We can't convert moodcoins into real money, but the main usage of them is to buy the courses or have a pro membership in very special circumstances.

Time control

How much time do you spend on studying chess? Are you sure you spend it effectively? 


More than 10 hrs. Yes, I am.

I made it short because I do not want to bloviate.

Recent Chess study

Hi all,

I attached a picture of a recent puzzle on ChessMood that I could not figure out.  I know Black is threatening to play Bf1 and then promoting his h2 pawn.  But I don't see what White can do to defend.  I doubt White can mate, so the best seems to try for a stalemate.  If he could lure the new Black queen to f6, that would be splendid, but I don't see how.   Thanks in advance - Sarathi


Hey Sarathi,

You have already recognized an important idea of Black: playing Bf1 and then promoting the h-pawn!
But White can get a draw (of course no chance to win for White!), not with a stale mate trick, but by trapping the new black Queen!

1.Rc1? (a waiting move on the 1st rank, as the white Rook must stay on the 1st rank to prevent h1=Q) would not work , 1…Bf1!, Rc7 (planning Rh7, hoping to trap the new Q), h1=Q, Rh7, Bc4+!! (intermediate move to allow the black Queen to escape on the 1st rank), Kg7, Qf1-+

Therefore, White first needs to move his King to the dark square h8, so that the black Bishop has no check any more):

1.Kh8!, Bf1, Ra7! (planning Rh7), h1=Q+, Rh7!, Qg1, Rg7+ and next Rxg1= (winning the new Queen for the Rook) 

This was the only puzzle that I spent too much time on it. It was not easy to find because subconsciously you don't want to put your king under the check, so at first Kh8 move even doesn't come to your mind

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