Social Media Strategist

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Social Media Strategist

  • Remote
  • Full time/Part time
  • Worldwide

As a person whose happiness level is 99%, I’m looking for a Social Media Strategist.
Not someone who’ll randomly post some stuff. But will have a clear strategy and will
lead our Social Media team.

I’m Grandmaster Avetik Grigoryan, the founder of ChessMood, and I’m writing these
words myself. And you might be the missing 1% of my happiness 😀 

But this can happen only if you’re specialized in SMM, you play online chess and have
at least about 1,000 online rating.

Looking forward to finding you and then kicking your ass… For making me look for you
or so long 😀
If seriously, I’ll make sure that you enjoy your work and every minute you spend working
with our team. 

It’s your life, your decisions, and your next click 😎 

Apply below!


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