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“Kayfarik” Graphic Designer

  • On-site
  • Full time
  • Armenia

Sorry, I couldn’t find the exact match for “kayfarik” in English. 
So I left it like that. 

Why “Kayfarik” only? Because there is no other way for being able to deal
with your future crazy team members 😅

Also, we’re not looking for standard boring designs. We’re looking for
something “kayfarik”. 

Now I have 2 news, one good, one bad.
Let’s start with the good.

The office is based in a private residential area of Armenia, next to the lake,
in a very kayfarik place. We have breakfast together, work together, play together,
watch movies in our cinema room and make barbecues.
So, please, stop reading further, if you’re looking for a standard 9-5 job.

Bad news:
Unfortunately we accept only intermediate+ specialists with at least 2 years of
experience. No juniors, sorry 🙁
We have a bad experience 🙁 (If you’re 100% sure you can make us change
our mind, you can still apply).


✅ Minimum 1-2 years of experience in
- Adobe Photoshop 
- Adobe Illustrator 
(Experience in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects will be a plus) 
✅ High Productivity 
✅ Good English
✅ Inner happiness and love for your profession.
✅ CoGro mindset as an individual and a professional. (CoGro = Constant growth)
✅ Can play chess (or at least is going to learn)
✅ Can play ping-pong (or at least is going to learn)
✅ Knows “Kargin haxordum” 😁 
✅ Playing chess is big a bonus. 
✅ Loving chess is even bigger 😊


1. Can I work part-time?
- Nope 🙁 We need someone to be with us full-time and put their heart fully here.

2. Can I work from home?
- Nope 🙁 We need your positive energy and vibes at the office 😊

3. Can I work on side projects in other companies? 
- Nope…We believe the best ideas come when you chill. We want you to chill
sometimes. We’re looking for a full team member, a full family member.

Can’t wait to meet you.
Apply below!
It’s your life, your decisions, and your next click… 


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