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Our future CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

  • Remote
  • Full time
  • Worldwide

It was 2019, Dec. 31, 9 PM.
I was sitting alone with my notebook, and writing my dreams and goals for the next year. 

Among many of them were:
“Find my future CMO and my future partner at ChessMood”

My thoughts were and still are:
“I’m a Grandmaster at chess and coaching. I can produce content and create such a chess
educational platform that very few in the world can.
But I’m a beginner at marketing. If I had a partner who is Grandmaster at marketing…
We have such a cool product and I need help to show chess lovers what we’ve created.
To show people they don’t need to suffer anymore, wasting lots of time and money on buying
things they don’t need and never raising their chess level. We created an ideal step-by-step
solution for chess lovers with hundreds of success stories…
But I can’t promote it myself alone, being an amateur marketer. I need help… “ 

A long time has passed already…

I met professionals,
I met very experienced people,
I met passionate chess lovers who know marketing,
I met very nice people,

Not someone altogether. Not someone who is a nice person, passionate chess lover,
professional with huge experience in marketing

That's who I’m looking for. 

If it is about you, please apply. I can’t wait anymore to find you.
If not, but you know someone, sharing this will be very appreciated.

Additionally, we have a $1,000 bonus for one, who’ll help me to find my future partner.
The day we sign the doc and that person becomes our CMO, we’ll send the bonus right
into your account. Seriously. I give my word.

Thanks for reading so far, and for your possible cooperation.

Best wishes,
Avetik Grigoryan 
Chess Grandmaster,
Founder and CEO of ChessMood  

P. S. Yeah, I write all our job descriptions myself and I’m actively involved in finding new
team members. Our culture is super important to me.

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