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A discussion about K-factors

In this post let's discuss the pros and cons of K-factors for adults. Now a days kids can become so strong because they play without pressure of K factor thing but what about adults like me and other adults? We have only first 40 games which gives us K-40 rest goes down and down on the other han kids have more chances due to under 18 thing. I totally disagree with FIDE rules regarding K factors because I think it gives more opportunity to only kids but does not help aduts like us. Kids have no responsibilities but on the other hand adults like us have more challange. 

In case of me I have only 12 games left for K-40 factor then this factor goes down. If we think in realistic sense then it will become so much tough for me to become GM. Because we all know becoming a Grandmaster requires so much work and money and coaches and so on but also elo sucks. It will take more than 10+ events for a player like me to learn and maintain 2000 elo strength then real battle will start. Yes I believe I can get 2000 elo once events will start but this is just a milestone and then getting title will become more and more tough.  Even if I do my best this elo may affect my work. I saw so many strong players who started late and never became  2000+ due to this K systems. 

About me? I work well with my teammates so my game is def. improving and I do know that chess game level matters not elo but in order to get students and money we need elo also. I left everything for chess because my mind can't think of other things now a days apart from chess.  Even though I am able to understand computers faster than chess but still I chose chess because I love this game so I work on my game strength 

I wanna know your opinions guys.  Like some of the adults who are in chessmood to become titled players. How you handle this rating k factors things and how you believe that you will cross 2200+ even with less k-factors. Share your strategies also. 

Again, I wanna say I know game matters not elo but still i wanna know how you guys handle less k-40 thing.

replied 7 months ago
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