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my first ChessMood game

Here's my first game since joining ChessMood.  https://lichess.org/z4b01mmy  I had white and began the Scotch, but my opponent wouldn't play the correct moves!  I panicked when he played 4..Nxd4 and 5..c5, and we both played a handful of bad moves but I finally won.  (I'm rated about 1400 in lichess rapid.)

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In the very first meeting coach ask every player same question "Why you play Chess?". So I wanna know everyone's why.

My why is simple and clear. I wanna become a GM but my first milestone is to get 2000 elo and right now I am 1465 only. I know path is never simple. If it is then all can be GMs. Even before chessmood I knew that becoming a GM in chess is not like turning a lappy on. It request a lot efforts. For those who think becoming a GM is simple can read the article in the bottom.


My another motto is to travel the whole world so I find chess is only way for that because I wanna make friends from whole world and chessmood is not community it's family so its good to know decent people. 

Another story is secret and only coach know that why I am so dedicated to learn chess and why I sometimes work in crazy way like working 10-12 hrs a day and sometimes more than 15. But coach showed me right path to work and now I combine my hard work with smart work so I am improving.

Once I will reach my goals I will help beginners a lot and make them intermediate faster so they can able to understand chessmood contents well. Because I don't think there is any community which can help intermediate players like us in best way. I know a lot platforms and their contents are useful but what they are missing is active forums. Chessmood is improving day by day so it's best for all intermediate players and advanced players.

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