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Drilling Software

In another thread, I was asking about .pgn files and how to access them.  They are presented in the courses, but you should only use them after you write the material down or enter the moves into a chess program. This is an important step in the memorization process.  After you do that process, it seems useful to have input this into a drilling software program.

My question is what do you all recommend in software to do this?  There are several I know of....

1.  ChessBase - it has come a long way in it's drilling ability to practice your repertoire.  I like that it prints out your repertoire on paper as well.

2. Chess Openings Wizard (first named BookUp) - This program started it all and Peter Svidler was an early adopter.  It does what it says, but there is some competition now with Chessable.  Your repertoire is stored as a series of inter-related positions.  It is very easy to use but not in Chessable's league regarding spaced repetition.

3.  Chess Position Trainer - I hear that this is an almost abandoned project now, but had loads of potential.  Not sure what happened to this one.

4.  Chess Tempo?  I think I saw this mentioned somewhere but have never used this feature on chesstempo.com

5.  Chessable - the most advanced spaced repetition learning system that you can use to train your repertoire.  I found the entry of positions to be confusing and not as easy to use as COW (#2 above).

Holy Grail - to me would be a smooth blend of COW's ease of use and Chessable's learning functions.

Comments appreciated.

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New Course- Petroff Defense


I have started to record a new course. How to play against Petroff Defense.
The 1st section is ready

Avetik "Petroff Crusher" Grigoryan

P.S Until we don't finish with all sections, please don't write about of Nc5 line or what if Black goes 0-0-0 :) 

At the same time feel free to ask your questions about the uploaded section.

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