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Chess forum by Grandmasters

Accelerated Dragon 7.Nxc6 Bd4 idea

1. e4 c5 2. nf3 nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. nxd4 g6 5. nc3 bg7 6. be3 nf6 7. nxc6 bxc6 8.e5 ng8 9. bd4

What do you recommend against it?


Qa5 is strong! I will make videos and add in the advanced courses in the upcoming week. 

What is my best move?

Hi Chessmood family,

     What is my best move here? I had the black pieces (Qxb2)???


Yes Bobby, after Qxb2 both white knights are hanging and the one on c3 is with check, and after that capture, the rook on a1 will also be hanging

Cool Bobby! You play Acc Dragon!! 

Thanks to everyone.

I wrote this for all those who are helping me here in chess. I am very very lucky to have a nice online community like Chessmood. I live in a small town where no one play chess and no one want to learn because they are scared of books and also in my town the internet speed is not so high but still I try my best to study online.

I can't afford pro membership now but next year I will definately get one. After I joined chessmood I improved a lot in various part of my game especially my biggest issue of studying in right direction is solved now. 

Now I know how to solve my calculation issues and how to study books properly. I only have one or two hours daily for chess studies because I am preparing for job but my love and craziness for chess is never go down. I am always charged to study chess.

Thanks for all those who advised me. Especially Avetik sir.

Sorry if my english confused you.


You are welcome Abhi and thank you for your nice post! 

Interesting Moment's of Today's Stream

In the 1st position, I missed here a nice tactic during the stream...
Can you see it? 

In the 2nd - Be8 was really working! :) 


1....e3 2. Rxe3 Rxc4 3. bc4 Qxe3 4. fe3 Rf1#
1....e3 2. fxe3 Rxc4 3. bc4 Qxe3+ 4. Rxe3 Rf1#

Chessmood app.

Chessmood app exists or not?

I like apps so it's easier to get notifications faster.


Will be in future. 

Pump Up game 2.

Help me.

This is second game from Pump up your chess.

Do you think I understood the game well?

I only knew that i have to try to control d5 square but I do not think white played well in the game.

I meant look at the game and variations which I saw

I am just 1465 FIDE.

Please provide me some useful suggestions 

Here is the game link,


If you feel like you understood the game, then sure. If not, go through the game again.

Simple endgame positions?

How to understand these simple positions?

I can only understand few things about this position.

For white side:

Queen side pawn majority so he can only get a passed pawn in the queen side.

For black-

Kingisde majority so he can only get passed pawn in kingside.

Both players have active pieces?

How to make plans in these kinds of equal positions?

Here ideas are not forced so is it good to make solid moves like trading queens so we will be able to activate our kings and hope for passed pawn?


In my non GM opinion, this position is far from equal. White pieces are far more active then blacks pieces(The Bishops are a great example of this). White also has a large space advantage. White should not be looking to trade pieces here, that will only help black defend. If I was playing white, I would be looking to control the c5 square to prevent the black c pawn from advancing, I would start by moving the knight from f2 to d3 . I dont mind black capturing the b pawn leaving himself a permanent weakness in the d pawn.

I am sure there is a ton to learn from this position. Being mindful of your endgame advantages/disadvantages is always a good thing, but being aware doesn't mean you should always be looking to trade down. Use it as an ace in the hole so to speak.

I hope this helps, and please if anyone else has a different opinion, please help me fix mine!


Edit: The picture has changed and my comments are no longer relevant. 

If it was White to move, I would play Qxf7 and checkmate Black's king. However, that is probably not the case. In this position, if Black decides to trades the queens, this will only favor White in the endgame because White has the queenside pawn majority allowing White to create a passed pawn. The kingside pawn majority is not so important because the kings are on the kingside. However, the rook endgame is probably a draw with the most accurate play. 

If the endgame becomes a queen endgame, the position will become very drawish as White cannot shelter his king from oncoming checks and Black cannot create a passed pawn on the queenside. 

If the endgame becomes a pawn endgame, this should favor White due to being able to create a passed pawn on the queenside which can act as a decoy as White brings the king to the kingside to capture all the pawns. However with accurate play, Black can neutralize White's play in the endgame into a draw 

So in these types of endgames, it is important to improve the position and wait until the right time to trade pieces. Trying to transpose into a favorable endgame. 

Basically ultimate plan is to create a passed pawn using our queenside majority. Black also has a majority but the problem is if he pushes it, the K becomes exposed. The most important factor in major piece endgame is King safety. So it will be much easier for white to use his majority. We can say white has advantage here for this reason. Also there is pressure  F line and current backrank weaknesses.

At least this is my understanding of it.. 

Ruy Lopez

Hello Coach, will there ever be a course on the Ruy Lopez in the future?


Probably not until  convincing answers to the Berlin and Marshall are found. :)

Hey Bobby! 
Ruy Lopez is great but too much positional! 
It's a super opening, but I think not the best for crushing 2400 below players :) 
Scotch is great because you learn to play aggressive and to crush your opponents right in the opening! 
That is in important skill to learn. 

Do you like Czech Pirc?

How many of you tried Czech Pirc?

The move order is e4 d6 d4 Nf6 Nc3 c6


It’s pretty passive and sort of allows White to gain a nice position out of the opening. I would not recommend it. Perhaps it can be played U2000 or as a surprise but I prefer the Accelerated Dragon.

It is playable, but a bit passive. The good thing is that is little known, and few players will know how to get an advantage on the opening, but the moment you meet strong players, you are likely to suffer a lot...

But, if you like it, and are willing to study lot of time to improve its weak points, you will have a good weapon for your repertoire.

Game of the day

Normally strong players do not like to play against lower rated like me.

Lost by shots hehehe

played bad.


Endgame studies.

What you guys think about the domination in chess endgame studies by Kasparian?

 I was reading an article and that article covered the same problem of calculation and vision which I am facing now.

So is it useful to solve endgame studies before middle game studies or other books.

Because my problem is lack of ability to read the middle game books in depth and I miss many plans in middle game books.

Any advice. I personally like two books Pump up your chess and domination in endgames and I do not know how to study the Devorestsky's Endgame Manual.

Any suggestions?


I'd recommend you to study (not just reading through, I mean studying it so you can apply what you learned) only one book at a time. I think Pump up your rating would be great to study because the author and the readers had success with it.

I don't know that Kasparian book you mentioned, but solving studies regularly will improve your vision and calculation.

I have heard that endgame studies are extremely important in developing imagination and calculation abilities.They force you to think out side of the box. I haven’t heard of the book but any book with a collection of studies should be fine.

I do focus on one or two book at a time. I also like endgames study because of few pieces on board so a bit easier than middlegame. In middle game we have to focus on many things. but in endgame less pieces will improve vision and calculation power.

So thanks .I have already 1000s of books and 200+ dvds but I need proper advice to study. 

Study in right path with right mood matters instead of material.

Seems like you have too much material! Just study the book and reap the results.

Time Management?

How do you guys manage your time during you study?

I meant do you study openings, middle games and endgames or endgames studies daily?

I am only focused on one thing which is calculation so I am doing Pump up your Chess and domination in chess endgames.

Time management advice is important for me.


For doing studies, some might be so hard it takes you over an hour of hard work. 

As for time management during the game, we had a webinar on this issue a month a go. The recording is there for PRO members. 

Time management during study isn’t that important as long as you don’t spend that much on openings unless over 2300.

Useful Leningrad or Useless?

Is it good to play the Leningrad dutch ?

I loved that opening in past a lot wins against titled players online in blitz.

But is it cool to play it in classical 

I think in past I had issue in h4 line. 

Is it possible for us to avoid that line?

All suggestions are welcome. I love the leningrad but need some support.


Hi Abhi! 
Leningrad is ok but not great.
To avoid h4, you can play 1...f5 2...Nf6 3...d6 instead of g6. 

Rossolimo with Qc1

My coach plays this rossolimo for white and when I said him about your courses he again find a very interesting idea white doesnt play Qd2 white plays Qc1 it is against f5 and then he plays a3 Na4 b3 c3 Nb2 and when I chekched it with engine it was 0.08 but when I started blitz games in i understood that it is very hard to play with black...  So what we must plays with Qc1 and after some moves a3 and then b4?


Suren jan can you clarify a few things please. Does he play with 0-0 or without it? 
Qc1 is against f5. Yeah Be3 will not be trapped, but we still can go f5 right? 
Can you create a short PGN file and send us here, so I can give you a more detailed answer? 

Welcome to PRO Members Team!

Dear Friends, Dear Pro Members! 
Welcome to the team! 
Below you can find information about our team members, would be cool, if you write a few words about yourself too! 

Brad Pevehouse
My name is Brad I apologize in advance for Spirochete as my name but it is my chess handle on all chess sites except where I do not like to play. My rating is very different according to site. Lichess Elo 1422. FICS ELP 1347. Last, to my heart ache ICC ELO 929. I don’t know what my chess goals should be. I am self-taught and want to improve as much as possible. I would like to reach a rating of over 2000 and be able to complete at that level consistently but I do not know if this is possible. I am very glad to be here so thanks in advance.

Nicolò Pasini Hi! Really looking forward to starting! I'm a national master in Italy, my ELO is 2223 Fide for this month. I started to play 7 years ago at my school and my main goal in chess would be to be able to become a professional. I really love this game and wouldn't be able to imagine my future life in a different world. For the end of the year, I'd like to be able to get FM title. I used to only study openings (that's what brought me to where I am) and I never had many chess lessons until 3 months ago.

Artrosman Djangologic Hi Everyone! My name is Pascal Depyl from France, but my nickname is Art Rosman. I am 61 years old. I play chess since 1976. I was Normandy champion in 1980. I get my first Fide rating in 1992 (2205). I play regularly till 2007 (teams championships and 2 or 3 tournaments per year). I stop playing chess for 12 years (because of work and poker too!) Now I am back in the business...I'll be happy to learn a lot and to share too! Sorry for my poor English…

Metha Jeeradit  Hello Avetik GM Grigoryan and all, thank you for the warm welcome! I just picked up chess again this January after my friend Robert Tea asked me to play a game with him and then got hooked on playing chess again. I also joined here on his recommendation as I’m looking to take chess more seriously. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot here!

Patrick B. Miller My name is Patrick and I come from St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. I currently live in Ohio, play actively in tournaments and volunteer at scholastic chess events. I am a veteran of 1 Chess Olympiad, the one in Yerevan, Armenia in 1996 where just due to the sheer lack of chess talent where I came from, I qualified for the Olympic Team and proceeded to get destroyed in every game I played at the event. 23 years later, I am a much stronger player, but not quite where I want to be with my abilities. It's time to get to work!

Bhabatosh Chowdhury Hello everyone, this is Bhabatosh Chowdhury from Chicago. I am originally from Kolkata, India. I learnt chess more or less myself at some point, I never had a coach. Back in my college days I played a lot and represented my University in the national championship and scored 7/9. Since 2001 I am more or less working as a software engineer and very much inactive in chess. During a brief period in 2007, I played chess in a few club tournaments in the Chicago area and had a rating of 2016 when again I stopped playing. The year 2018 at some point when I am already a father of 2 felt that I can start my main chess journey now with my kids. Last 7-8 months have been intense chess practice, I have never been more motivated than before and I have no plans to stop the game abruptly anymore. Once my kids play regularly in tournaments and get used to the setup then I will start participating in open section of the tournaments. Right now playing in Chicago Industrial chess league for a club, its format suits my lifestyle now, one classical chess game every 2-3 weeks. I love Caro Kan, Benko openings with Black, for white Scotch, Sicilian Grand Prix and Reti opening. I do take tactics trainer in very seriously and have tactics trainer rating of 3050+. I am not a fast player and my rating performance is inversely proportional to time. My handle is bchowdhury and lichess handle is deisler25. You can find a lot of my chess secrets there. I hope to play some of you soon.

Jay Garrison Hi! My name is Jay Garrison. I have been playing chess for over 40 years having learned the game at the age of 5. For most of my life it was just a game I played once in a while as a hobby. I tried to learn more about the game in my early 20s and played a few tournaments but career and family became my focus and I set chess aside. I tried a few times over the years to learn more and have bought well over 100 books on chess, but I soon found out that while teaching yourself from books will help you improve, it isn’t very quick and reached a peak rating of just over 1800 USCF. I have seen lots of programs, talked with lots of chess players, and none of the compare with the community I have found here at Chessmood! Thank you Avetik GM Grigoryan and the entire team of GMs who have made this possible and rekindled my dream of learning this amazing game at a deeper level!

Theko Khanyapa Hello everyone! My name is Theko Khanyapa and I'm from Butha-Bothe, Lesotho(The kingdom in the sky). I'm very glad to have joined the ChessmoodPro. My FIDE rating is 1776 and I'm planning on getting it over 2000 by December this year. Also, I want to become an International Master by March 2020. I believe I'm at the right place, at the right time with the right mood and hopefully, the results will be amazing. Thank you!!

Thanadon Kulpruethanon Hi! My name is Thanadon, from Thailand. I'm a FIDE Master and 3 time Thailand Champion. My ELO is 2260. I really love chess and I will try to go as far as I can. I'm glad we have ChessMood community. My next goal is to become an International Master!

Ryu Prasitsoonthorn Hello! My name is Teerachoti, but you can call me Ryu. I am from Thailand and I am 16 years old. My FIDE ELO is 1851 and I have played for Thailand in the 43rd Chess Olympiad in Georgia. My goal is to reach 2000 ELO by the end of this year and after that work to become an FM. I am looking forward to improving my chess with all of you!

Jeffrey Cobb Hi Everybody. Happy to be here in ChessMood Pro and hoping to max out my game. Started playing chess during the Fisher frenzy as a high schooler, gives you a general idea of my age. Currently sporting a USCF rating around 1860, I maxed out at 2013 before leaving tournament play in the '90s to devote more time to children and family. The children have been gone for several years now, and I've been playing tournaments for the last three years. Tournaments have changed a lot since I last played in the '90s. Many more children playing now, some pretty good! I had a hard time getting back into tournament state of mind and gave up many rating points before finally leveling off a little lower than my current rating. I took lessons for a while and at first they seemed to help although I wasn't really seeing it in my results, I felt like I was playing better. However, eventually realized my coach was basically analyzing my games with an engine, saying I should've made this move here, or that move there. Well, nothing wrong with game analysis, but it got to the point where I wasn't getting much from the sessions and stopped.

My chess goal for the year is to get back to 2000. My first tournament this year didn't do anything to help. I had a draw against a master level player, but it was all downhill after that. By the last round, I should've just withdrawn because I certainly wasn't in the Right Mood to compete. Anyhoo, I play on Lichess and Handle on Lichess is Fianchettoed. Handle on is cobb452. If anybody wants to play a slow time control game let me know. Openings I play as white are Catalan, Blackmar-Diemer Gambit (occasionally), sometimes I eschew the fianchetto and play a straight QGD or QGA. Black openings include, but are not restricted to Caro-Kann, Nimzovitch Defence, and Pirc defense against e-pawns and Grunfeld, or Chigorin defense against d-pawns. That's all I have for now.

Sarven çakmak Hi, my name is Sarven. I'm from Turkey - Istanbul. I play chess for 23 years. My peak ELO was 2021 but my ELO is 1784 now. I work as a chess teacher in schools in Istanbul. I work with kids. I can play only in summer tournaments. I'm the captain and a member of Sisli Sports Club. We play in the Turkish 2nd League. I like to study chess very much. My goal is to improve my understanding. Thank you to all ChessMood family.

Eric Ortega Hello and thank you for the add. I just want to let you know that I have been playing chess on and off for the past 40 years. But, now I want to get serious with my improvement. I. Have tried a few sites but, this one has struck a chord with me. I'm looking forward to seeing my games get stronger as I learn from you. Not sure what I can take advantage of as I pursue this. But, I will just defer to your wisdom on this. Thanks again so much. 

Muizzuddin Yaqeen Hi everyone, I am Muizzuddin Yaqeen, from Afghanistan but currently living in Uganda. My Fide rating is 1620, and is the same. Have been training for the last two years, but honestly, there has not been much improvement. However, I managed to encourage my kids to start playing chess and they started three of them they rating of 1100-1300. I am still keen on development and am aiming at reaching 2000 this year. I joined ChessMood family to bring a change in my chess!

Badreddine Ouali Good evening. I am 55. I played chess until my 17 and then stopped. I love chess and would like to play again. And also to understand GM games. I am may be between 1600 and 1800, but I am not sure. I dream of becoming a master. I’m looking forward to learning and enjoying thru your coaching. All the best. 

Jonathan Turcotte Hi my name is Jonathan Turcotte I am from Montreal Canada I have been playing slow chess tournament for 16 years now my rating in Quebec Canada is about 2100 and my Fide rating around 1986. I love chess and try to improve all the time I read over 30 chess books and I listen to a lot of chess videos. I really enjoy to be of the ChessMood family hopefully we can help each other. I would really like to become a master but I need to sharpen my tactical abilities and my dynamic skills. I started taking lessons with Avetik for one month and it's great ? I play d4 with white and I defend with the caro-kann and the semi-slav. If someone wants to play semi-rapid games or study openings I can meet people on skype and talk chess? Have a great day guys!

Robert Tea  Hello All, my name is Bobby Tsang aka Robert Tea. I'm from London, United Kingdom, currently living in Phuket, Thailand. I'm useless at Chess because I always blunder at the end game, so that's why I joined ChessMood to try and improve as a player. I have an after-school Chess Club at my school every week where I help kids learn the basics and I used to play when I was young whilst growing up in London. I have recently rediscovered my passion for it and hungry to improve. Nice meeting you all.

Gerardo Gracia  Hello everyone, My name is Gerardo Gracia from México. I ́m 21 years old. My Fide rating is 2232 and I have the FM title. I really like to play chess and share my knowledge with the people, for this reason, I give online lessons and play a lot in different apps. My goal is to get the IM title as soon as possible and I see this page very useful for all the people. I can play with everyone and practice the lines. Thank you to all ChessMood family.

Roger Rein Hi folks. I am Roger from Norway. In these days, from March to 20th of April I am living here in Yerevan. For studies. Not mainly chess, but when you have the pleasure of living in a chess country like Armenia, and you love chess, you can't miss the opportunity to join the chess community here. I am 59 years old, married to Hege and together we have seven kids and three grandchildren. I have played chess since I was 10, at school and in a local club until I was 15 years old. I had a short visit from 22 to 24 years old. Then I had a 30-year break from chess, but started again when I changed my life (new job, new wife, new town). I am a club player. My Fide rating is 1250, 1465 (blitz) and 1516 (rapid). I love chess, the play, the history and the atmosphere. My goal is to improve so I can beat some more of my friends in the local club, and like Robert above I often blunder in the endgames. I had the pleasure, yesterday evening, to meet Avetik in his office/flat here in Jerevan. I can tell you he is really nice and friendly guy, and he will take good care of us. I am sure. Look forward to a part of this team with chessfriends from all over the world. That's alone is a good thing.

Hardik Mehta Hello Everyone. My name is Hardik Mehta. I am from India (Mumbai). My ELO rating is 2030 and I was actively participating in every rating tournament until 2009 and then started a job in ICICI bank but my love for chess brought me back to chess in 2017 as a coach ? I have been coaching from last 2 years but now I wish to start playing again and become an IM before December 2021. I joined ChessMood family to improve my opening skills ?

Surendranath Konatham Hello everyone this Snehil Konatham I am from India I have been playing chess since the last 5 years my ELO is 1666. I am wishing to increase it I wish chessMood family will help so.

Adarsh Tripathi Hello everyone! I am Adarsh Tripathi, A-14-year old player with the rating of 1952. I have been playing chess for 6 years now and I have been stuck at 1800 for quite a few (2-3) years now and am working to increase it to 2200+ My main weapons for quite a long time have been: Grand Prix, Spanish, Colle and Colle Zukertot and London system for white whereas the Benko and the dragon as the main weapon for black. I have enjoyed the material provided by ChessMoodPRO and I hope I will continue to do so!

Kavin Nattavutthisit Hello I am Kavin Nattavutthisit, 185x fide rated from Chiang Mai Thailand. My goal is to reach 2xxx by the end of this year.

Pop S'arocha Hello My name is Sarocha Chuemsakul. I'm 15 years old from Chiang Mai Thailand. My fide rating is1650.

Máté Jánosik Hello I'm Máté Jánosik. I'm 15 years old, from Hungary. I'm 1550 fide, I didn't play in any tournament for one and a half years, now back to chess, 1950 on My goal for this year is at least 18xx maybe 20xx rating, if I play in more tournaments.

Derek JY Hello, I am Lye Jiun Yin, you can call me Derek, from Malaysia, 25 years old. I`m 1550 Fide rating (standard). My goal is to increase rating +100 (cumulative) in this year, get FM or NM in 2023 year (target year).


Planning and calculations issues

Recently I started a book Pump up your chess.  I am studying it alone because I do not have any real life good friends who live in my own city

When I switched to the game one of the book I applied the same idea which Avetik Grigoryan sir suggested in his amazing video.

I found it amazing but the problem is I can see the plans but I have issues in follow ups of those plans .

I am posting the game link in he bottom which I tried to analise alone.  I faced many planning issues,

Of possible Kindly give me a suitable advice for improvement. Or suggest me a book which I can read alone. I frankly liked the topics on this book. But your all suggestions matters to me.

Thanks in advance.


Just make another plan when one plan is other.

What matters grabbing knowledge or skill ?

Now I have an hr daily for chess studies even after work. So, for this purpose I chose to start a book which will teach me how to think properly because when I think I face vision issues in some positions and also blindspot. I head of ( Pump up your rating ) this book from many other players so I thought to give it a try. But the starting of this book is making me super confused about  improvement in chess.

This para is bottom confused me. If absorbing knowledge is not matter that how can one improve in chess? I am going to read this book completely no matter how many month it will take but I also need some suggestions about improvement. Before this book I already finished ( The complete chess workout by Richard Palisher) this book. I can't afford coaching so I prefer self study programme. I also do not have good internet so I can't watch free lessons on this web or on youtube. 

many ambitious players is that they focus on knowledge.

A good chess player is not someone with well-defined knowledge, but rather one with great



Hail! Skill does not matter and it is not about grabbing knowledge. What matters is experience.

I never heard about that book. 
What he has done in chess? Is he a GM or IM? 
If he had success- read that. 
If no he is just theoretic, be suspicious.

I am confused, how many amateurs are teaching how to become a GM, I saw IMs who are having a blog how to become a GM or people who are living poor life but teaching how to become a Millionaire. 

My advice- always learn from someone, who has did already what you want to achieve. 
If you want 2000 Level, ask advice for people who has 2000+. 
If you want IM- ask someone who is IM already. 

Applying the knowledge you learn

I'd say they go hand in hand. Obviously one cannot master chess without various knowledge - knowledge of typical patterns, how to play against IQP, knowledge of classical games and plans, knowlege of fundamental endgame theory. On the other hand, without core skills such as assessing and evaluating correctly, ability to see combinations and tactics, calculation, decision making, then you will not be able to properly use the knowledge.

Benko 12. a4 with Bd2, Nd1, a5 plan

Hi GM Avetik!

I recently checked Kornev's d4 repertoire series for what he is giving against Benko. He also agrees that in the 12. a4 main line with Bg5 it is not easy to show advantage for White. So he gives plan of Bd2, Nd1, and a5 as in Nakamura - Bologan. In your opinion is this a concern? Bologan played Qa6 to trade Qs and then played thematic ...f5. He lost but we are not all playing against Nakamura :) The next year a 2600 GM played ...Qb3 plan I guess to stop Nd1. I am wondering what your opinion on best/simplest plan for Black?

Thanks in advance and keep up the excellent work. IMO the Pro membership is tremenmdous value as it is evident you are not holding any secrets back! It is like having a personal second :)


Hey Papa Tactics :) 
A very deep question.
I will check it out tomorrow with a fresh head and let you know :) 

Thank you for your nice words! 
"It's like having a second"! :) Love it! 

Eric, first of all, a great question! 
I spent lots of time to find the best answer :) 

1. You are absolutely right- not every day we play against Nakamura. 
2. In the game, I feel Bologan was ok. The problem was playing against Nakamura :)
After ef5 he could also play gf5 with the very unclear endgame. 
3. My recommended move 11...Qb6 is great. Now if 12.Qe2 we will play 12...Qa6 13.Nb5 Ne4! 
And if after 11...Qb6 we already go Na6 with Nc7! 

Guys, before you get GM level, Benko is absolutely fine! When you get there, I will teach a few more openings :) 

Accelerated Dragon v. Dragon

Why is Dragon not a "right" opening for chess development? 

If it is, why did you choose to recommend Accelerated Dragon rather than Dragon?


Hey Kevin! 
Good question. 
The theory of Dragon is developed a lot. 
I saw my Grandmaster friend analyses they are crushing it with Server engine analyses. 
Below 2000 level is fine. But you may have big problems if your opponents are prepared or he has a gm coach. He may win you without doing a single move himself.  

How to punish opponent's bad game in the opening

Hello Champions! 
In this topic let's post our games when we punish the opponent's bad play in the opening. 


Nice checkmate! :) 

Someone is attacking you? Open the center! 

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