How to Improve Your Tactical Vision (3 Simple Tips)

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  • GM Avetik Grigoryan GM Avetik Grigoryan

How to Improve Your Tactical Vision

GM Avetik shares the 3 tips you need to improve your ability to notice tactics. It's not about solving more puzzles...

Tactics | 2 min read
How to Improve Your Tactical Vision

Recently, one of our ChessMood group members Jonathan delightfully surprised me! He posted in our group a question about improving tactical accuracy and before I could reply, he answered himself, "Maybe right mood to find the right moves is a good way to see it."

This is an absolutely correct answer!

In the guide on getting better at chess tactics, I've recommended a 7-step process to improve your tactical pattern recognition. One of them is to solve lots of chess puzzles and analyze examples of tactics. But, where you should start from is the RIGHT MOOD!

So, what is the RIGHT MOOD?
I attached here an example played by one of our team members Grandmaster Gabuzyan.

1...Nd6! The idea is to have Bd4 check followed by Qh1 checkmate! After 2.ed Rc4! or 2.Nd6 Rd6! 

When you are attacking, or some pieces are hanging around, it's easy to find tactics. But when the game goes on a regular route, you should have the RIGHT MOOD to find such a sudden move.

What do you think? Is it possible, even for a Grandmaster, to notice such move, when he is not concentrated or he's poorly slept, when he is not in the mood to play chess or there is a lot of sh*t in his thoughts? Of course, not!  

You will notice such moves more easily if you have these 3 magic components with you:

3 Keys for keepin the Right Mood to notice tactics in a real game

1. Concentration

You should try to have 100% concentration during the game. Yeah, it's quite hard, but with constant training, you can get to that state.

2. Positivity

You should have a very positive mood. No matter how bad your position is, you should believe that you can win or survive in a lost position. When you believe in it by 60%, your mind is ready to find that way by 60%. When you 100% believe - your brain concentrates on that with its full 100% power.

3. Joy

You should love chess! While playing, you should fully enjoy the beauty of this game regardless of your good or bad position. Cuz, when you enjoy, your brain also enjoys, and it's much easier for it to find such a brilliant move like Nd6.

I believe that these 3 components are essential for having the RIGHT MOOD, which automatically provides you with RIGHT MOVES!

Go ahead, and try to play your next online or offline game with such mood:

✔ 100% concentration

✔ 100% positivity

✔ 100% joy

You will be surprised by the result!


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P.P.S. Also, you can check out our course Tactic Ninja where you'll learn step-by-step, the most fundamental chess tactics to noticing them in a real game.

Originally published May 23, 2019

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