Stream: How to Win Winning Positions

The event has expired on 02 Aug 19:00 (UTC)

You can watch the recording here

We learned how to save lost positions. Now it's time to win winning positions :) 
This time I will play against you and during the stream will share tips with you, how to win winning positions, without giving any counter chances to the opponent. 

See you! 

GM Avetik Grigoryan
Coach: GM Avetik Grigoryan


In 2010 Avetik won Armenian National Championship and joined their national team.

After 2 years he stopped playing chess professionally and started coaching career.
Now he is the coach and the second of more than 10 GMs, co-author of video courses "Right Mood Openings", and the author of the book "Right Mood - Right Move"  which will be published soon. 

In 2018 he founded ChessMood.  

The event has expired on 02 Aug


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