1-1 Blitz Games with GM Hovhannisyan

The event has expired on 10 May 19:00 (UTC)

You can watch the recording here

GM Hovhannisyan will play 1-1 blitz games with our PRO Members!  If you win or draw - you play again. If you lose, you give your seat to someone else, until it's your turn again. 

GM Robert Hovhannisyan
Coach: GM Robert Hovhannisyan


In January 2011, Hovhannisyan won the 71st Armenian Chess Championship.

The following month, Hovhannisyan tied for first place with Dariusz Świercz in the World Junior Chess Championship in Chennai, placing second on tiebreak.

In 2013 he won the 6th Karen Asrian Memorial in Jermuk.

In 2015 Hovhannisyan tied for first with Alexei Shirov in the 5th Riga Technical University Open in Riga, finishing second on tiebreak. Hovhannisyan won this tournament three years later.

The event has expired on 10 May


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