The Must-Learn Skill to Skyrocket Your Growth in Chess

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  • GM Avetik Grigoryan GM Avetik Grigoryan

The Must-Learn Skill to Skyrocket Your Growth in Chess

GM Avetik sold his Mercedes as soon as he learned about this skill.

Improvement Hacks | 4 min read
The Must-Learn Skill to Skyrocket Your Growth in Chess

After reading the headline, you may think that the skill should be something like fast calculation, evaluation of the position, knowing good openings or, maybe, endgame?

First, let me tell you a very short story that happened to me. Very short but very powerful, which changed many things in my life. I am sure it will change in yours too.

In 2012, I was in Ukraine.
I was staying with my friend Yuri’s family. One evening we were invited to dinner. At the table, there were powerful people: bankers, high-ranking military officials, and the young generation representatives: my friend Yuri and me 🙂 We were both 23.

At the end of the evening, a man offered us to go out to breathe fresh air (later I found out he was the executive of a big bank).
He talked with us about different things and then, at the end of the conversation, asked a question.

“Guys, what do you think, what is an investment? If you had a big amount of money, where would you invest it?”

And we started.

-In a bank?
-In gold?
-Real estate.
-This and that…
So we gave up 🙂 (I rarely give up, but this time I did?)

He slowly raised his finger pointing at his head and said:
“You should invest in yourself”.

It was powerful. But more powerful than I realized at first.
That night I couldn’t sleep. All the mistakes I had ever made were passing before my eyes.

When I was 21, I had some money saved, which I had won in chess tournaments. And I bought a car with it, not a simple one, but Mercedes. I can’t find a photo of it, but it was something like this.

Avetik's Mercedes looked like this car

I was proud of myself then. I was young, had a car, was a Grandmaster. You know what I mean.

And that night in Ukraine, I realized what a stupid mistake I had made. Instead of buying that car, I could have spent that money on hiring good coaches, playing in strong tournaments.

But I was young and naive.

Well, I don’t regret anything in my life. Whatever I’ve done. Even all of my mistakes and the most stupid ones. Because I strongly believe that every time we either win or we learn. And that night I learned a lot.

That time I had already stopped playing chess professionally. I was coaching and was interested in something else, a new profession (I will tell you about it later). I felt comfortable in it and was making a good income.

When I came back to my country, can you guess what I did first? That’s right! 🙂 I just sold the car. And what did I do then?

I hired a few specialists of the field I was studying. My friends thought I was crazy. But surprisingly for them, 3 months later I literally doubled my income…

Since then I’ve never made my old mistake. And during the next years, I kept investing and investing… in myself. And I’ve been doing that till now.

Now coming back to our topic, what is the most important skill you need to learn? It’s not calculation techniques, not openings and endgames. It’s not like they are not important. But the most important thing is: LEARNING TO INVEST SMARTLY.

To invest where? In YOURSELF.
To invest what? Your RESOURCES and your TIME.

Quote on investing in yourself

But it’s not about just investing. It’s about investing SMARTLY!

It’s not about hiring the most expensive coach. It’s about hiring the best coach based on your budget.
It’s not about investing 8 hours a day solving puzzles. It’s about spending those 8 hours most effectively.

We all see players who raise their ratings very fast and become Grandmaster at a very young age.
Do you know how much time they spend on chess? How much do they/their parents spend on coaches?

There were many talented chess players, but they didn't invest in themselves smartly. Today we don't know about them ☹
Here is the difference that makes the difference.

As one of the wealthiest people on the planet said:

Quote on invest in yourself

Over and over again, I see people with 0 budget and spending just 1-2 hours a day on chess, who think that very soon they will become Grandmasters. Ah… It doesn’t work like that. Neither in chess, nor in other sport or in other professions.

You should be ready to invest and INVEST SMARTLY in yourself.
That is what the smartest people do. That is what the wealthiest people on our planet have done.
That is what future Grandmasters do. That is what the best players in the world have done.

Your dream/goal maybe is far away from becoming a Grandmaster or to get to 2000 rating.
That’s possible. In some cases, it’s possible even without much effort.

But whatever your dream/goal is, when you learn to invest your RESOURCES, and your TIME smartly, you will double the speed of your growth or triple it, if not increase it tenfold, and shorten the time of achieving your goal.

P.S. If you don’t know anyone you can ask for a piece of advice, here I’ve created a form to help skyrocket your chess growth.
If you answer these short questions, I will try to give you directions. 
But before answering, please, think seriously over the question:
“What is your goal in chess?”

You can also share your thoughts about this article in our forum.

P.P.S. Yeah, and don’t forget to share with your friends, who may need this as much as I did when I was 23.

Originally published Apr 02, 2020

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