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Chessmood's Bishop Pair Rocks!!


Missed some moves but still loved this game.

Chess love matters before training hehehee.

replied 1 year ago
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weekly news - 2 (14-March-2020)

This is weekly news 2  , I will try to cover all news related to chess (International and Indian). 

Hope you will like this series .

If you have any , please mention in comments

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Thank you in advance


1 - Events Cancelled 

World health organisation declare corona virus as global pandemic , Thats why almost all event getting cancelled . here is list of major events 

  • Spring chess classic in USA  - 17 to 27 march 2020 - (https://uschesschamps.com/2020-spring-chess-classic/postponement)
  • Grenke chess open in Germany - 9 to 13 April 2020 - ( https://grenkechessopen.de/de/)
  • Budapest spring chess festival - 21 to 29 April 2020
  • World Cadet & Youth Rapid & Blitz Championships 2020
  • World Amateur Championship
  • European School Championships.
  • European Senior Championship
  • Bundesliga weekends March 14-15 March and April 4-5 
  • The Festival Primavera and Citta di Ostia tournaments in Italy
  • Madrid league
  • The New York State Scholastic, scheduled for March 14-15 in Saratoga Springs
  • Asian Amateur Chess Championship

2. Asian chess federation advisory 

Asian Chess Federation is monitoring carefully the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic and consulting relevant agencies and national chess federations concerned. The novel coronavirus has infected over 116,000 cases worldwide with 4,088 deaths to this day.Therefore, Asian Chess Federation has decided as a precautionary measure to postpone all events until the end of June.

3.Boris Gelfand took 49 moves to mate with bishop and knight

After reaching bishop knight endgame former world championship player took 49 moves to mate his opponant and earned his full point . The position arrived on move 83 . Gelfand messed up in famous W manure endgame technique . click here to open this game . this news credit goes to Indian IM Moksh Doshi

4.Nana Dzagnidze wins Women’s Grand Prix Lausanne

All six games of the final round were drawn at the Lausanne FIDE Grand Prix. Nana Dzagnidze refused to take any risk and played the exchange variation against Aleksandra Goryachkina’s Slav Defence. The game remained balanced all way through and the players repeated moves quite early on. Both share first place with 7 points, but the Georgian takes home . for more details - https://www.fide.com/news/44

5. USA, Russia Win As World Team Chess Championship

due to corona virus , World senior chess championship in Czech republic ends prematurely . the end after the authorities decided to cancel any events with a gathering of 30 or more people. The U.S. team won the 50+ section, while Russia was the winner in the 65+ division. for more details - https://www.chess.com/news/view/usa-russia-win-as-world-team-chess-championship-ends-prematurely

The "Nutcracker" tournament 2020 took place in the Moscow Central Chess Club, divided into one part of standard chess (rated twice) and one in rapid chess. Four "kings of chess" met four "princes", the young players. Alexei Shirov, Boris Gelfand, Evgeny Tomashevsky and Evgeny Najer vs. Andrey Esipenko, Semyon Lomasov, Alexey Sarana and Daniil Yuffa. Kings team won the battle with score 35-29. for more details https://en.chessbase.com/post/nutcracker-tournament-in-moscow-tomashevsky-and-esipenko-best-players6. Nutcracker tournament in Moscow: Tomashevsky and Esipenko best players


Due to corona virus Indian goverment issued advisory that all major event should cancel till further notice . That why All India Chess Federation requested to cancel /postpone event till 15 april and all Nationals will be after 31st may . currently following major events in India postponed .for more updates use this link http://aicf.in/

  • 4th Holi Cup Lakecity Open Fide Rating Chess Tournament 2020 In Memory of Shri Om Banna - 25th to 29th march 2020
  • Bangalore Open 4 FIDE Rating from 10th to 14th april 2020

Thank you for reading. 

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