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hello guys who are interested to play games . I have my club https://www.chess.com/club/serious-chess-club-for-champions where we organize daily tournaments and play games believe my by playing games I had recently increased 120 points in online chess. I am not sure whether it is right to advertise here but I want to play against strong players[chess mood players] to improve my game

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Opening repo with d4

Hi guys I hope you all are doing well in chess. I have a question regarding some lines. So I need some suggestions.

 I am a positional player but I do play e4. I am a alapin player against Sicilian and my score is quite +80%. 

Today  I decided to switch to d4  because I wanna learn more pawn formations and d4 is both tactical and positional I think.

I need suggestions about which setup to choose against

1. Nimzo Indian ( I like to the games of  f3 e3 line played in recent top chess ) is it okay for me?

2. Against direct f5 on move one. ( I played Nc3 against direct f5) Is it fine approach? My point is to get e4 as fast as I can. 

3. King's Indian ( I never studied any games of this lines so pure beginner in this field. I need a promising positional setup not super sharp because I am still on the way to improve my calculation level and due to lack of time I think I can focus on positional chess first and when I will get more time after my future job I will start focus on calculation.

4. Against slav or semi slav ( I normally play exchange queen's gambit )  and my ideas are clear about the pawn formations and pawn levers and typical ideas.

5. Against Gruenfeld? ( I never studied this line but I like the games of Russian System) I do not know plans but I like my pawn center and then passed d pawn . Any suggestions about it?

6. I am a benko gambit player from black's side and I do not know which setup is fine for white against benko. I prefer to play the e4 Bxf1 Kxf1 g3 Kg2 Nf3 Re1 Re2 lines. but still thinks it's passive so I need an idea against it. I also do not like to play passive positions like legendary Kramnik can . I meant g3 Bg2 ideas I do not like because I can not play e4 and another thing is sometimes black's pressure along a6-f1 is tremendous and force white to play e4 and then he black attacks the d3 square and so on. So that's all I know.

I do not know if there are more lines still left against d4  .I seriously need help because I have bunch of books but I need promising ideas. All the variations which I like above is because of the lastest GM's games except against dutch I learnt the idea of rapid e4 from some nice positional lessons of Varuzhan Akobian.

Thanks for all the future suggestions. I am happy to be the part of this family.

Another crutial thing is that I am only 1465 FIDE rated and another thing is online I am above 2000.I do not play events due to lack of time but preparing at home and hoping to come back to events one day and also there is no club near to my home. Nearest club is 200 miles from my home. So this bothers my level .

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