NEW ARTICLE: The Most Effective Way to Create Chess PGN Files

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Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 1 year ago

Nice article, I am glad I always like to make pgn files of my own. That's why in the first 15 days of chessmood pro membership I made my all pgn files but due to time issues I started learning them in march hehehe. I like to learn ideas and then variations and then play!!!

Thanks for the lessons. No matter you or anyone give me pgn files of whole comments but I wont remember it but when i make my own files I remember most of the ideas!. This is what I did always and I will do hehehe. My thoughts are simple about it. When we write our brain eyes hand works at the same time. On the other hand when we see a new pgn by others then only our hand and eyes work and brain thinks like oh I have it and I can check it anytime and focus flew away!

jamie Wilby

jamie Wilby 1 year ago

Great article and I have bookmarked it also.

To be honest when studying opening theory before (mainly from a book) I didnt do anything like this process.

Since joining chessmood I have taken the approach you outlined and worked out my own lines in pgn. I think its important to do this as often at lower levels you face some random moves. You can add them to the pgn (if not obvious outright blunders) and continue with the main plans you outlined.

I haven't got through all of the scotch (my first course) but the lines i have put into pgn and then practiced. I actually remember them almost exactly and if I dont quite (wrong move order or something) then the plan is clear to me still.

Ikezahu Emmanuel

Ikezahu Emmanuel 1 year ago

Nice article. I tend to write my ideas and plans for each openings I'm studying. Now I know why I forget some important lines.

Giorgos Kechagias

Giorgos Kechagias 1 year ago

Μy Antisicilian pgn files are separated in the 5 sections whereas in my Scotch pgn file I cover even the advanced lines vartiation per variation, and I also have to scroll down twice (or even 3 times in Scotch) as much as the material which appears in the beginning. So, I think they are maybe even a little bigger that the usual in my 1800 online level. I learned a lot from this article on the whole.
Kevin D

Kevin D 1 year ago

Fantastic article!!
Abhi yadav

Abhi yadav 1 year ago

for me I used all moves and wrote the ideas with all variations. I used both notes and arrows to show ideas and long term plans. This makes my base full of variations. Even though in the beginning I only studied ideas but now I am working on variations too. My level is around 1500.

Banh Gia Huy

Banh Gia Huy 1 year ago

I love it! I have started to make the pgn file on my own, starting a week ago, and the reason is ChessMood article Memorizing Variations! Thanks Grandmaster Avetik a lot for helping me, I will never forget it! 

P/S: Are there anyway to buy PRO without money?

Ramón Jessurun

Ramón Jessurun 1 year ago

Thank you maestro for this one.

This reminds me of some discussion among fellow pro-members regarding the use of chessable, the platform that advertises the use of spaced learning software designed to reinforce move/lines memorization. I used chessable for some time, but not anymore. Not because I think it's bad, but because I think it (1) essentially fosters laziness, one of the chess student's worst habits, and (2) its effectivess depends on the quality of the author's instruction and the lines that he gives anyway.

So, thank you for reminding us of your approach which I believe is just spot on: there are no real shortcuts, and every chess student has to put in his or her own effort.  

Nils Philipp

Nils Philipp 1 week ago

To be honest, I really struggle to follow the advise.

When creating my pgn-files I do not wish to memorize the lines as good and effective as possible only. Also, I want to create a reference that I can use to check my games and to prepare for my opponents. Therefore, I need to make sure, that the relevant content of the course is transferred correctly into the pdf.

Or to put it in other words: I do not take the risk to omit relevant lines or the note them incorrectly. 

Another reason, I do not completely follow the advise, is that with my limited amount of study time, I wanted to gain a first and general understanding of the lines/ideas or to be more precise of all openings of the ChessMood repertoire. The reason is that watching our coaches use these openings is more effective after having got this basic understanding from the courses.

That is why I accept that after completing a section/an opening I sometimes have to confess that I hardly got a good understanding (and consequently did not memorize the lines very well). On the other hand, ideas/lines do come up when I see the line in practice.