NEW ARTICLE: Crossing the Plateau and Reaching 3.000 on Chess.com
Hello champions and future champions!

A few days ago, I managed to pass 3.000 on Chess com – a goal I had set for myself around 6 months ago.

So at the request of our PRO Members, I wrote an article sharing all the details of my journey, including:

• My “golden pills” that helped me to understand exactly what I needed to work on to raise my rating

• What happened when I switched from 1.Nf3 to 1.e4

• Why I kept going and didn’t abandon my goal – even when my rating started dropping!

If your rating has been stuck for a while, you’ll learn a lot from reading this.

GM Gabuzyan

P.S. Feel free to share your thoughts in this post.

Robert J.

Robert J. 1 year ago

Wonderful article. I believe it 100%. 
David Flynn

David Flynn 1 year ago


It would be interesting now to see how the openings stack up against masters at longer play time controls. Would 30 minute game streams be interesting enough to try out - although the game takes a lot longer, there is a lot of time to do a fair bit of teaching particularly on middlegame and endgame options and plans.

Hunan Rostomyan

Hunan Rostomyan 1 year ago

Congrats again! Thanks for the article. And this was very funny:

"I can’t wait to play chess with real pieces, with a real clock, seeing my opponent’s faces and their reaction when GM Gabuzyan plays now not only 1.Nf3 but he takes his hand and touches the e2 pawn on the 1st move. "

Mateo Jackson

Mateo Jackson 1 year ago

Amazing article I felt really inspired to work harder than I am now. Also I like your picture!