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1-1 Blitz Games

with Grandmasters.
Take advantage of being our ChessMood member.

GM Samvel reveals the 3 key points that helped him to become a GM at 15!

If you want to become a millionaire- learn from millionaires! If you want to become a Grandmaster- learn from Grandmasters.

1-1 consultation with GM Grigoryan

Reserve the perfect time for you in the schedule and get 1-1 free consultation with GM Grigoryan

One on one Blitz Games with GM Ter-Sahakyan Samvel

Have you dreamed about playing against Grandmaster? It's not a dream anymore! Our team member GM Ter-Sahakyan will play 1-1 blitz games with our community and comment them live

Simul Game with GM Hovhannisyan Robert

A unique chance to play against Grandmaster and get live comments and answers on your questions after the session!


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