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1. Tactic Ninja - Sharpen Your Tactical Arsenal with a Grandmaster

Tactic Ninja - Sharpen Your Tactical Arsenal with a Grandmaster

Course 383 episodes
(19 hours 26 min)
Creators GM Avetik Grigoryan

I’ll tell you something unbelievable and funny. Our editor Lily, being 1,200 on, raised her online rating by 100 points in 2 weeks, just by looking through the videos of this course when she was editing them. How many rating points will you raise? :)  

Together with 5 coaches, we’ve worked for 6 months on this chess tactics course to prepare for you easy-to-digest material. We’ll introduce you to all tactical patterns and how to notice them in a real game.

I don’t like promises. But this time… 


If you watch the videos carefully and follow the instructions, you’ll notice how your tactical vision becomes sharper after each section.

And by the end, you'll become a true Tactic Ninja, who's alert to tactics and swift to strike.

In the introduction, I’ll give you instructions on how to work with the course so that you maximize the quality of your training and raise your rating.

Then I’ll show you 20 tactical motifs, section-by-section, so that you’re fully aware of all of them. These include examples on pins, skewers, forks, windmills, decoys among others.

And in the last sections, I'll share a simple technique to notice tactics in a real game.

Everything… step-by-step.

Below are the positions from the course:

Tactic NinjaTactic NinjaTactic NinjaTactic NinjaTactic NinjaTactic NinjaTactic NinjaTactic Ninja

Soon you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how much better you start to see the chessboard and how many opportunities you notice while playing. 

Wishing you all the best, and I can’t wait to see your success stories and reviews for this tactics course. 

With best wishes,
GM Avetik

P.S. This course is perfect for 800-2200 players. 

What you'll learn

  • The most basic and common tactical patterns like pins, skewers, forks, double attacks and more.
  • Tactical patterns like intermediate moves, x-ray, and interference that could be easy to miss.
  • How to use 2 tactical patterns to find the best continuation.
  • All important chess tactics that are likely to appear in a real game.
  • The art of meeting opponent's threats with your own counter-tactics.
  • The 3 key questions that will help you to see tactics in a real game. 
  • The advice of a modern-day chess legend on noticing resources in a position.
  • How to notice hidden tactics and more.

Lesson Plan

383 episode(s) 19 hours 26 min