In Gabuzyan's Mind

ChessMood Family, welcome to the course "In Gabuzyan's Mind"

About This Course

"Each time I watch Gabuzyan's stream, I learn something from him." - GM Avetik Grigoryan 

GM Gabuzyan has a very unique style and a very different approach to making decisions. 
This makes him a very unpleasant opponent, as it's tough to guess his moves. 

With the request of our PRO Members, GM Gabuzyan started to record a course, commenting on his best games, sharing his thoughts and decision making processes. 
You're going to learn from him, how to attack like a gladiator, how to maneuver and find good places for the pieces, how to win winning games, and much more... 

Good luck! 


About Coach

GM Gabuzyan Hovhannes
Name GM Gabuzyan Hovhannes
Title GrandMaster
Rating 2620

FIDE ELO: 2620

Olympic Champion under 16 (2010)

World University Champion (2016)


Hovhannes Gabuzyan became a Grandmaster at 17!

He is an Olympic Champion under 16 (2010)

He won the World University Chess Championship in 2016, Armenian Chess Championship in 2017 and joined Armenian National team.

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Hunan Rostomyan
1 year ago
The comments are very clear, the games are fascinating, the teaching style is great. Thank you GM Gabuzyan for sharing your thoughts on some of your games.
pedro manrique
1 year ago
Thank you GM Gabuzyan for teaching us your great style. A great game.
1 year ago
Kevin Sun
1 year ago
Sriram M
1 year ago
These games are spectacular! Every move has a purpose and the ideas expressed are clear and concise. My 2 favorite games were the Kovalenko game and the Socko game. Rc3! in the Kovalenko game was a very deep exchange sacrifice and I wish I could play like that!
Khokan De
11 months ago
The best course in ChessMood according to me is this!
WIM_Siranush Ghukasyan
10 months ago
Sidharth Sreekumar
7 months ago
What a Course! Very useful! The ideas are implementable in games!
Abhi yadav
4 months ago
Just studied the course. It's wonderful.
sasmi sithumsa
4 weeks ago
Thank you for the advices!!!
Paulius Juknis
3 weeks ago
Enjoyed this course - great games and very nice explanations of ideas and calculation and of course like GM Gabuzyan relentless attacking and keeping initiative style.