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The videos are developed and presented by GMs in a fast paced, comprehensive and interesting way. There is new content every week.

Thomas Lancia Thomas Lancia, United States

ChessMood was a game-changer for me. Not only do I now have a simple and efficient repertoire, but also my understanding of chess strategy improved dramatically.

Badreddine Ouali Badreddine Ouali, Tunisia

I have recommended all my private lesson students to get a PRO membership and start playing the ChessMood openings as the courses are very deep.

Vishnu Warrier Vishnu Warrier, United States

I raised 200 online points in 1 year! It's very affordable for the content that you are getting, and the material is explained clearly. Highly recommended!

Tan Zhong Kai Tan Zhong Kai, Singapore

I would strongly recommend the ChessMood website for those who would like to learn chess and improve their game in the most enjoyable and time-efficient manner.

GM Sunilduth Lyna Narayanan GM Sunilduth Lyna Narayanan, India

I’ve spent years looking for that mythical, magical land: one place to improve all aspects of my chess. When I discovered ChessMood, it fit the bill like nothing else.

Nick D. Nick D., United Kingdom

"I would have given anything to have ChessMood as a child..."

Brad Pevehouse Brad Pevehouse, United States

Recently I checked and found that 80% of the time, I had a winning position out of the opening. I have raised +600 Fide rating and +450 online points since joining ChessMood.

Prin Laohawirapap Prin Laohawirapap, Thailand

ChessMood has been the best decision I have made in my chess career. I improved my online rating from 2200 to 2400, and learned so much theory about chess.

Sharan Sridhar Sharan Sridhar, India
6+ years
In business
Total watched hours
Raised rating

What’s stopping you from unlocking your full chess potential?

Our Grandmaster team created ChessMood so that you can achieve your chess goals – whatever they are, be it winning at your chess club, becoming a master, competing in tournaments or simply raising your rating and enjoying the beautiful game.

Are any of these holding you back? If so, you’ve found the right place!

Life got in the way?

The ChessMood message: it’s never too late. Lots of us loved chess when we were young but life simply got in the way. We got a job, we had kids and we never became the chess player we wanted to be. If this is you, there’s still time to regain your rating, hit the goals you wanted and get back into the game.


Lack of money?

We believe chess should be accessible to everyone, regardless of where you’re from or how much money you make.

Most players look for private coaching to improve – but great coaches can cost $150/hr or more. We wanted to build something effective and affordable for all – ChessMood membership starts from $99/m.


Ineffective training techniques?

You can read books, watch courses or pay for coaching but still struggle to see results. Sometimes your rating can get stuck or can even start going backwards. The reason? Most learning only focuses on one element of learning.

ChessMood Pro combines 3 important elements – learning, practising and fixing.


500+ hours of step-by-step video courses by Grandmasters including theory on openings, middlegames, and endgames.


During our streams we only play what we teach to help you memorise the lines and understand positions better.


Still have questions after watching our courses? Ask us in the forum or during our streams to get answers directly from our Grandmaster team.


Not enough support or accountability to succeed?

ChessMood is more than a learning platform – we’re a family. One tight-knit group that celebrates your wins, pushes you to keep training and helps you if you get stuck.

Our belief is when you have the RIGHT MOOD, you make the RIGHT MOVES. And with the support of us and the community, you get the hunger and mindset to improve and constantly grow.


Prepare to crush your opponents over the board with ChessMood

…and get lots more draw offers from scared opponents too 😉
Join ChessMood

What’s included with ChessMood Pro membership?

1-1 welcome call with a Grandmaster + personalised study plan

After joining, we’ll hop on a one-time short call with you to discuss what your chess goals are and how we can help you achieve them! During your welcome call we’ll also create a personalised study plan based on your goals and the time you are able to invest.

Access to all video courses (+all updates!)

You’ll be able to watch all of our video courses (500+ hrs) at any time, all of which are made only by Grandmasters. On average, every 1 hour of quality content we produce, takes us 20 hours of deep analysis to make. And to stop yourself from being overwhelmed, our courses are step-by-step so it’s easy to know where to start and finish.

Access to all streams

You can join any of our streams, or watch the recordings if you can’t attend. Unlike others, we only stream what we teach and what you’ve learned so it’s easier to memorize lines, see first-hand how your study can be applied in real games, understand positions better and learn to punish opponents’ mistakes.

Access to all webinars

You’ll be able to come to our webinars, join in with our interactive lessons and ask questions with the ChessMood community.

Access to all quizzes

At the end of each of our courses, you get the opportunity to test your learning with our quizzes. Choose between different levels depending on your ability, and master the quizzes to help memorize the lines.

Course material PGN’s

Download all the PGN files from the courses so you can refer back to them at any time in the future.

Community, accountability and support

Succeeding in chess is about more than just study, it’s about having fun and enjoying yourself. When you join ChessMood Pro, you become part of the family. Chat with other members in our exclusive closed chat where you can support each other, hold each other accountable and celebrate your successes as they come.

Bonus: Meet us in real life and we’ll buy you a beer! 😁

Let's go
Is ChessMood
right for me?

We’re a good match if:

  • Your rating is between 800 - 2,800 or your Lichess rating is between 1,200 – 2,700. Our courses are divided into 2 parts, main and advanced, so we cover a broad range of abilities.
  • You’ve got stuck at a certain rating, or you’ve gone backwards and want to get your peak, or you feel you aren’t making fast enough progress.
  • You’re looking to make friends and have fun while you improve.
  • You want to have a strong opening repertoire to dominate your opponents.
  • You want to speed up your growth.

We’re not a good match if:

  • You’re looking to binge-watch the videos and become a Grandmaster in a week.
  • You have a habit to make bad jokes or insult others. ChessMood is a family and we’ll ban anyone like this, no matter their chess level, age or race.
  • Your rating is below 800 or your Lichess rating is below 1,200, as the material may be too advanced for you.
  • You’re a 2800+ Grandmaster 😁
  • You’re not 100% healthy and may experience a heart-attack if you raise a few hundred points in a few months 😁😁😁

As you landed here with our partner's link, you'll get another
20% discount once you choose your plan


Choose the best plan for your chess growth 🤩

Pro Yearly plan is best for those that want to grow their chess faster.
You'll save $360 and also get a bonus 1-1 call with a Grandmaster!

If you don't have much time to invest in your chess, go with the Essential plan. And you can upgrade anytime later.

It's your chess journey, your decisions and your next click...


Save $240

Billed at $1,188 $948/year

Let's go
money-back 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Access to all 500+ hours of courses and weekly updates (value = $15,000)
  • Downloadable PGNs & homework
  • Access to all 10,000+ quizzes
  • Access to all live training
  • Access to all group lessons
  • Access to the “Pro members” channel on the forum
  • Access to the PRO Members’ community
  • Access to “Play vs Grandmaster” events
  • 1-1 bonus call with a Grandmaster (Value=$150)
  • Deeply personalized study plan


Save $360

Billed at $1,548 $1,188/year

Let's go
money-back 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Access to all 500+ hours of courses and weekly updates (value = $15,000)
  • Downloadable PGNs & homework
  • Access to all 10,000+ quizzes
  • Access to all live training
  • Access to all group lessons
  • Access to the “Pro members” channel on the forum
  • Access to the PRO Members’ community
  • Access to “Play vs Grandmaster” events
  • 1-1 bonus call with a Grandmaster (Value=$150)
  • Deeply personalized study plan

30-day money-back guarantee

To remove all the risks on your side, we offer a 30-day NO-QUESTIONS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
If, for any reason, you are unhappy with our courses and decide not to continue, we will provide a full
refund and part ways as friends - no hard feelings 🙂 If you are not 100% happy, neither are we.

“No battle can be won in the study, and theory without practice is dead.” General Alexander Suvorov

Why is ChessMood Pro effective at raising your rating?

Most methods of improving chess only focus on 1 element of learning, but ChessMood Pro is effective because it combines 3 types – learning, practising and fixing.

For example, imagine you read a chess book and learn some theory. You’ll very quickly forget what you learned if you don’t practice and apply it to your games, and it won’t be effective if you can’t fix your mistakes or misunderstandings by asking questions.

ChessMood isn’t just about teaching you the theory. You also see how we play the same lines in our streams and get the opportunity to ask questions in our forum and on our webinars.


Join the ChessMood family

ChessMood is more than just a learning platform, it’s a family. We chat, have fun, and even meetup if we aren’t too far from each other. Most of all, we laugh together every time our member Kevin Hall traps someone’s Knight in our French variation 😁

2019 Meetup in Saint Louis, USA
GM Grigoryan with some of the ChessMood family members - Jay Garrison, Kevin Hall, Piotr Urbanski, and Bhabatosh Chowdhury.

Success stories

Meet our students, from youngsters and adult improvers to professionals, who have raised their rating up to 500 points in 1 year!

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